1. LauraH3

    Work Buddy

    I work from home as an online auto auction scout attending physical auctions two times a week which only takes up half my day. I'm also an illustrator and comic artist so I spend heaps and heaps of time at my desk working. Because of the amount of time I spend alone I’ve been looking into...
  2. S

    Bored or Independent?

    I am worried my Simon is lonely. I originally adopted two pigs, him and another one. I was told they were both males but Simon got the other pregnant. Its been some time since this happened and she gave birth and I kept the girl baby pig she had with the mom. But I had to seperate Simon from...
  3. ChubbyCarrots

    Missing my baby.

    Exactly two months ago he passed away. I still get really upset talking about him, he was my baby. He meant the world to me. His passing hit me hard, he went so suddenly and if I’m being honest, I don’t want to move on for fear of forgetting my darling.
  4. Julie M

    Do Guinea Pigs Mellow With Age?

    Well it appears a miracle has happened in my piggy room. Buddy is now letting me pet him! He first let me scratch under his chin and now let's me pet the top of his head! This happens most days, it's a miracle as he was my biggest drama queen and was very skittish. He's just turned 2 years...