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  1. F

    Adapt a hutch, build a small house or donate?

    Hello everyone, how are you all doing? So, my situation is pretty specific. I have had two female guinea pigs for like 3-4 months now, and they've been kept in an indoor C&C cage this whole time. However, I've had some extreme issues with my landlord (I live in Australia), and I'm having to...
  2. BethRose

    Excitement Is Brewing!

    So ladies and gentlemen, I'm building a cage out of an XL dog crate plenty of room for a second level on each side! Very excited, I will post pictures when complete. I'm building a secure base out of thick wood which will have linoleum sealed onto it, then newspaper and then bedding so nice...
  3. ChloeCee98

    C & C Cages So Hard To Find In The Uk!

    What is a reasonable price to pay for a c&c cage ? I was going to buy one from a suggested site today but my partner isn't so sure as it's a lot of money. The materials are really hard to find to be able to build seperately. I've looked at a number of places and I'm looking at between £70 and...
  4. KenspppPets

    C&c Build Your Own Alternative?

    Has anybody any experience of using something like this below to build a c&c style cage? I came across when searcing for grid squares; VonHaus White interlocking plastic storage cubes I can see a downside with not being able to cable tie them together, but any other cons?
  5. Sas_kia

    How To Flatten Rolled Correx?

    Hi everyone, After a lot of research and lurking on this forum (lots of inspiration here!), I am now in the process of building a 5x2 C&C cage for my two girls. The grids are connected, the bedding is ready - all I need to do is cut and score my Correx sheet. However, the Correx was delivered...