bullying guinea pig

  1. Happyman247

    Sleeping arrangements.

    Hello, I have 3 pigs (recently lost 1) I used to have 2 pairs- boy/girl and girl/girl that lived very happily together but separate in their pairs. However now that one of the girls as died we have been trying to introduce the nutered boy to the other pair. At first it was going well as they...
  2. Puddles1999

    Female being mean to the others?

    Good evening! So I have three girls together. Minnie, Penelope and mocha. Mocha has always had an attitude and but they’ve all gotten along. However, today I have been cleaning their cage and mocha has been chasing Minnie around so violently Minnie will accidentally hit her head on the water...
  3. M


    Hi! My boyfriend (K) and I have 2 young boars. We got Mason early January, and Henry about a week ago. Soon after K got Henry, he put both guinea pigs in a neutral area so they could get to know each other. Mason was so focused on siniffing Henry's butt to the point where Henry would end up...
  4. jerico

    Signs of a Pig Bullying His Cagemate?

    Hi Guys, I've been posting a lot frequently regarding my two boars, Pablo and Pepper. I recently posted a picture of them resting inside Pablo's barn and I thought everything would be okay after the whole introduction, but I feel like I'm running into some problems again. After I took that...
  5. s.haller16

    Guinea pig bullying? What should i do?

    Hi I have six guinea pigs, in one cage i have three boars that actually get along fantastic and have no problems whatsoever, but in my other cage I have two girls and one male. The two girls, being a mother (Minnie) and daughter (Riley), and the male being the baby daddy (Teddy). Over the past...
  6. batman

    I have some guinea pig issues. Help?

    Hey there. I have three guinea pigs, all are male. Two of them are two years old (one is pretty fat, lol) and were purchased together from the same cage and get along great! However, my other guinea pig, 1 year old, has been a bit of a trouble maker. I've been noticing that he's been picking on...