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bumble foot

  1. S

    Hanging nail and growth

    Hello there! I came home from vacation yesterday (my mother watched over my pigs) and when I walked into my room, Henry didn’t greet me like usual. He didn’t squeak or run over to me. I thought that was a bit odd, but ignored it. Well, today I went to pick him up and noticed blood all over his...
  2. Raefire

    Does My Guinea Pig Have Bumble Foot?

    So, in my last thread I was explaining how I saw that one of my guinea pig's feet were really red. Signs Of Bumble Foot / Swollen Feet? So basically everyday when I come home from school, Cookie always kinda puts her baws on the little wire of her cage to come greet me and I took a look her...
  3. Raefire

    Signs Of Bumble Foot / Swollen Feet?

    So, I have two female guinea pigs one named Cookie, and the other Cream. Just about 45 minutes ago I was cleaning their cage and Cookie was running around the cage I was not cleaning at the time and I noticed her feet are reeaaally red. So, obviously I got concerned and since neither of them...
  4. M

    Help! Bumble Foot

    Hi.. I live in the you.S. and where I live there are zero exotic vets (for guinea Pigs) and my guinea Gus Gus has bumble foot... I’m scared. I don’t want to lose him! I’ve had the sweet baby since March and I have tried epsom salt soak with him... but, his sores are now open.. any antibiotic...
  5. RJade


    i think one of my guinea pigs has the worst luck! Having a quick look at him today and I think he has what looks like might be the beginning of bumblefoot? Very small amounts of scabs on the bottom of his two front feet, one worse that the other. He hasn't seemed unwell and literally just put...
  6. Squeak Dreams

    Urgent - Bumble Foot And Possible Ovarian Cyst

    Hi this is a real emergency I have 4 female guinea pigs all 3 years old. One of my guinea pigs bubbles has got bumble foot which we have been told is a fungal infections in the foot . We have been given anti biotics and Metacan, neither have worked. We've also been given a cleaner to clean her...
  7. crnyng

    Bumblefoot? Help.

    My boyfriend and I recently rescued a guinea pig that was housed with 30 other pigs in a small garage closet two days ago. Today as I got home from work I took him out I realized his foot looked quite strange. Is this bumble foot and if so how can I work on fixing it myself until I get an...