buying guinea pigs

  1. P

    Bonding three piggies

    Hi we've had a bit of a traumatic week and gone from 3 piggies to 1 piggie (unrelated issues), my piggy seems to be ok for now (eating well and quite active). I'm very apprehensive about getting another piggy but I can't bare ours to be alone. Our local (fantastic) piggy sanctuary doesn't have...
  2. G

    Rescues in or near Berkshire

    Hi all! I have been looking for weeks and weeks at adopting a pair of guinea pigs. I have found a few rescues within an hour and a half of my location. After a mixture of the rescues not responding to queries, not having what i'm looking for, or having one of what i'm looking for but refusing...
  3. Shelby._.

    What To Do When Adoption Isn’t An Option?

    Hello, recently I had a guinea pig pass away leaving his cage mate Gus all alone. Gus has been handling it very well and the only behavioral change is that his a bit more skidish than normal. But none the less I will definitely be getting Gus a new buddy. The only problem is my nearest rescue...