c and c

  1. Kirstie :)

    Felt Bedding Care

    Hey everyone, Just wondering how often you change your felt bedding in your piggies cage and how you care for/wash it? I know what the washing instructions are for my felt, but having quite a large cage, putting the felt lining in the fur bag means its a struggle to get it in the machine. I'm...
  2. Black piggies

    C and c cage on the floor?

    I have a 2x5 c and c with 2x2 loft for 3 pigs. They live indoors all year round. They love being patted and hand fed but not picked up. As I can't reach them when they run under their loft I only remove them for vet visits which is half an hour of grabbing and stress for all. I'd like them to...
  3. MissPiggyTales

    Recommended Fleece Liners

    Hiya! I've just purchased two 2x4 c and c cages... so excited...:yahoo: I've been scrolling through the internet and cant seem to decide which place is best to get a waterproof/absorbent cage liner for each. I'm looking for the least faff option .. lol.. and best price for item. Any advice or...
  4. millyu

    Making A C&c Cage

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00ABVYTRS I found this cube shelving system on amazon and I was wondering if it would work to build a c&c cage with? I'd really like to give my boys some more space because I think their cage is far too small for them, which might be why they've been bickering...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Animal Friendly Glue?

    Sorry if this isn't in the right bit, I wasn't too sure where it belonged..:doh: I need to make a new ramp for the pigs c and c cage, the one I've been using for the past year is starting to look a bit scabby. (I took this ramp from the hutch I was using before getting a c and c cage) I've...
  6. Sas_kia

    How To Flatten Rolled Correx?

    Hi everyone, After a lot of research and lurking on this forum (lots of inspiration here!), I am now in the process of building a 5x2 C&C cage for my two girls. The grids are connected, the bedding is ready - all I need to do is cut and score my Correx sheet. However, the Correx was delivered...