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  1. G

    Help caring for a baby guinea pig?

    I’ve messed up here. I know I have, so please be kind to me. I got a 20 day old Guinea pig today. I didn’t know how young she was: I was told she was 4 weeks, not almost 3. She’s apparently weaned, and definitely has the y shaped genitals of a girl, though there’s a tiny nub nothing pops out...
  2. MCarly8

    Guinea pig animal-assisted therapy and management questionnaire

    Hi! I'm a 3rd year student of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Milan in Italy. I'm currently completing my thesis work in Behavioural Medicine and this questionnaire is an essential part of it. It aims to collect data about guinea pig ownership and the possibility of the guinea pig being...
  3. thedosboys

    Bumblefoot 🙄

    So for awhile I've been noticing a red spot on my boy Manny' foot. It has been there since I got him. But just this week I realized it could be an infection. Right now I can't get veterinarian care but I've read that soaking the foot in warm water and Epsom salt and then wrap it and do that...
  4. B

    Are my guinea pigs lonely?

    I have three sweet piggies: Rory, Trixie, and Nutmeg, who are all about two years old. They get along very well and enjoy each other’s company. They share a 12-square-foot cage. I don’t hold them often or have much time to spend with them these days due to work. They love head scratches in the...
  5. W

    Lymphoma sadness

    Hi to all, My baby boar Goma was just found to have lymphoma. He’s just turned 5 this year and it’s a sadness I’ve not felt before. I was wondering if anybody has any palliative care tips or guides to make his time with us here more fun and enjoyable. Thank you and best wishes to all,
  6. L

    Blind guinea pig

    So I have an albino Guinea pig and this Guinea pig I have had for about 3 days in my house but I interacted with it for 3 months prior since I adopted it from my school. Since he is albino I knew it was possible he could be blind or deaf. I know he is not deaf but I’m pretty sure he is blind not...
  7. K

    Hair and Nail Care

    We've had our 2 girls since January and we're still working on hand taming. We can feed them and give a chin scratch at the same time, but not quite allowed to touch them anywhere else or pick them up. They could both do with a nail trim, but Eevee is long haired and I've noticed matting, so...
  8. L

    Help with creating a guinia pig emergency kit, and Trying to learn about Guinea pig care

    Hiya, it's LittleLightz here, and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions of what to put in a guinea pig care emergency kit and why you would put it in there? I am trying to learn all I can, I have never owned piggies before, and want to go down the right path of piggy ownership. Please help...
  9. P

    Thinning fur on back

    Hi guys, My lovely teddy sow seems to be missing some of her fur on her back / rump area. I haven’t really seen her itching or anything so don’t know if it could be mites. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas?
  10. Guineapigs33

    New Guinea pig owner! Kavee?

    Hi! New Guinea pig owner here 💛 The cage I got for for them yesterday meets the requirements for space but is so poorly/cheaply made and unstable. It’s bound to fall apart anytime soon. I wanna order a Kavee c&c cage with a stand for my piggies! I wanna make sure they have plenty of space for...
  11. S

    2 boars, HELP

    I have a large hutch from PAH, it's for summer but during winter we keep keep in a 120cm by 20ishcm, I keep wanting to get am extension but my father replies "They'll be going out to their hutch soon." I switch up the set up alot so their not bored and have a storage bin (small) for their...
  12. laylaonwheels

    Floor time?

    I’ve had my two Guinea pigs mocha and latte for two days now and they settling in really well there exploring the cage and weeking and will take food from my hand even smaller pieces like pea flakes and there let me pet them for a little so I was wondering when I should start doing floor time is...
  13. kerry3383

    Hay mites :(

    Advice needed please! We have 2 girl guinea pigs around 2 or 3 (unsure as rehomed) & they have got hay mites! This is the second time they’ve had them, when we got them in February they came with the mites. We bathed them & put treatment on and thought that would be it but now we’ve noticed...
  14. M

    Eye half closed with discharge

    Hi there! I recently got my first guinea pig two days ago and recently I’ve notice her eye is squinted and basically half closed and she’s producing like a liquidy discharge from it. Yesterday she had a big greenish crust ball on her eye that I wiped off. I don’t know if I’m just overreacting or...
  15. Olaysha

    NSAIDs and antibiotic advice

    Hi everybody, I was wondering what people’s experiences with NSAIDs and antibiotics for their guinea pigs have been like. My 6month old guinea pig Chestnut started making choking sounds and hooting last night and I took her to the vet this morning. He checked her up and said that her lungs...
  16. Marshie

    Water bottle placement

    Hey, I plan to have two piggies as well as two water bottles just incase, although I am wondering on the placement of the bottles, Should both of the bottles always be placed closed together or would it be okay to separate the bottles far apart?
  17. A

    Mites & can't get to Vet

    I have 3 guinea pigs, and my eldest, Alex seems to have dry patches of skin that seem to be almost scab-like? Looking on the forum it's likely that this is mites, but I'm not totally sure and want to check with a vet before trying to treat him. Unfortunately, my family and I are currently in...
  18. lokie_dokie

    How to care for my geriatric guinea pig

    My sweet lokie-dokie is almost 8 years old. Life has changed so much for him this past year. He's totally deaf and almost blind. He sleeps a lot. He has really bad arthritis so he only hops around to get food and to move from one side of the cage to the other depending on the time of day. But...
  19. Michellesalvino

    Proper care for piggies on doxycycline

    Hello! I currently have two piggies on doxycycline because when I got them I soon noticed they we’re sneezing way too much and took them to the vet. I just want to make sure I am giving them a good diet while they’re going through this. I give it to them twice a day. Should I also be giving them...
  20. S

    Caring for a single Guinea Pig?

    I'm a new Guinea Pig owner and despite all my research about caring for them nothing mentioned the need for having more then one. I only have one Guinea pig and I am unable to get a second for multiple reasons. What can I do to keep him happy despite being by himself?