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  1. ChubbyCarrots

    Fungal Stripe? Please Help!

    His nose before His nose after Hey guys, it’s Lily. I recently noticed Coco had a white line on his nose, I took him out of the hutch immediately because I never noticed it. My other guinea pig, Buddy, doesn’t have the same line. I split Coco’s fur in half and to my horror it was a snowstorm...
  2. Cherri

    Cheaper To Buy Food/bedding Online?

    This might not be the right forum to ask, but what's your opinion on buying food and bedding in bulk and online? If it's a good idea, websites to visit?
  3. PinkCoatGirl

    Ovarian Cancer

    My poorly Lilly pig is just shy of her 3rd birthday and has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I noticed blood in her urine, the only sign that anything was wrong. And with her cage mate not long having recovered from a UTI I took Lilly to the vets. I knew something was amiss as there was no...
  4. Nicky71

    What Is This ?

    Help . I am taking piggy to vet tomorrow after I found this on him tonight . It is above his butt to the right . He seems fine in himself , normal behaviour , eating , pooping etc . But in the meantime what should I do ? Should I clean it and if so what with ? Looks like an open wound with...
  5. Cherri


    Hi guys! I have 3 guniea pigs, soon to be more, because my sow is pregnant. I want to have a total of four pigs, ( 2 girls one 2 boys. ) and I'm also moving into an apartment with my boyfriend in the next few months with a lot more space than I currently have. What are some a good cage...
  6. Abbie Brooks

    Ideas For Exercise Runs?

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and do not have any guinea pigs. I have had a pair of boars previously. I have been longing for another pair of guinea pigs (I can't due to timing and money). Also I do not know if this thread is in the right topic but I assumed it came under care. I wondered if...
  7. D

    Guinea Pig Starter Kit

    I am starting a company that provides starter kits for new piggy owners. The kit comes with a c&c cage, fleece bedding, water bottle, hay rack, food bowl, 4 hides, a tunnel, oxbow pellets and hay, toys, grooming supplies and a surprise. How much would you pay for all of this?
  8. Aina Garnett

    Uk Owners' Help Needed: Guinea Pig Infection Survey

    Hello all :) My name is Aina. Could you, please, complete the survey for my BSc Bioveterinary Science Dissertation. Survey of prevalence of different opportunistic respiratory and bacterial pathogens in housed guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus) I research the prevalence of different opportunistic...
  9. S

    In Need Of Some Quick Help!

    Hi everyone. I ran to this forum not too long ago about my guinea pig Chewie's eye. I had taken him to the vet as all of you suggested and the doc told me I had nothing to worry about. Must've just been some hay that poked him and she sent me home with some cream. Now Chewie's got a bigger...
  10. Walky

    I Need Help With My Unhappy Guinea Pig

    Hello, I'm new to this website, I joined because I wanted to learn more about these animals. I have a few questions, because I've been doing things wrong for a while and only now i'm noticing the effects on my animal. But first, I'll have to tell the brief history of this guinea pig, so strap...
  11. Bobby j

    Any Suggestions?

    Hello we are new to caring for Guinea pigs, we bought two at Easter and lost one about 1 month ago... No idea why, we came home and he was lifeless, took him straight to the vet but he died on the way. We sought advice from 3 or 4 pet shops and were advised to by another pair... They integrated...
  12. T

    Caring For A Guinea Pig With Stunted Growth

    Hi there:) I posted a few months back wondering if my new adopted piggie had some sort of URI or pneumonia but after going to the vets, he reckoned the coughing she does is related to having an extremely aggressive respiratory infection for 2 months when she was a few months old (this was with...
  13. GingerPiggie

    Help! My Guinea Pig Is All Alone...

    so, about 2 years ago I got two guinea pigs. Unfortunatly, last year one of them died. Of course I immediatly went to my parents to ask for another one because, as you probably know, guinea pigs shouldn't be alone! My Mom said yes but my dad said no due to the cost of housing when we go away on...
  14. Parnassus

    Prepping For Post-op Care

    Hi all! I've been casually documenting my preparations to take care of Blade after her spay tomorrow! It's my first time having a guinea pig in for any surgery, so I'm quite nervous. The best way I can settle my nerves is to prepare for anything! Here's Blade (chocolate satin, white pants)...
  15. Emily Beth

    Dominance Fighting?

    The other day I noticed my boys were being rather aggressive towards each other. The less dominant one since I have had them was jumping on the dominants one back and seemed to be doing something that looked like humping. After this it got worst and the dominant one was throwing the other off...
  16. Fizzywoz

    Guinea Pig Husbandry Survey.

    My name is Sarah. I’m a final year university student studying Applied Animal Studies. For my dissertation I am researching how guinea pig owners care for their companion guinea pigs. There are 19 questions and I would really appreciate your contribution. Your answers will be kept confidential...
  17. ChloeCee98

    Timid Guinea Pig Or Just Not Settled Yet?

    So I got my little guinea pig a few days before Christmas, (12-14 weeks old). I picked her in the shop because she didn't run away when we went to say hello - now I know she was freezing lol! She has come out of her shell a lot although she still does hide away most of the time and has to be...
  18. bumbling-bambi

    Best Brushes For My Bushy Boars!

    Hi everyone I'm in need of a little advice - I have two very long haired boys (one is a Silkie and the other a Texel) they are both bathed once a month as they both get a little bit smelly thanks to all that hair! They are also brushed daily to try and avoid mattes! My texel in particular is...
  19. M

    Please Help! My Guinea Pig Is Starving Himself To Death!

    About a week ago my male Guinea pig died and his bonded brother has been grieving ever since then. He has stayed inside his hut for the past week and hasn't come out even to get food or water. I'm afraid his time is coming to an end because he is practically starving himself to death. I would...
  20. coco&chanel

    Fleece Care

    Hi I have ordered some fleece which should be coming this week. It is for an outdoor hutch. I was just wondering if anyone had any helpful tips about looking after fleece.. Best temperature to wash it at, what to wash it in, how often etc. Will i have to look after it differently as it is...