1. U

    Sudden Death?

    What can cause sudden death in multiple guinea pigs? In less than 12 hours my 2 male guinea pigs went from perfect health to dead? What can cause this? A week ago i also lost my third male and i just assumed it was of old age and didn't think anything to much of why. I also have a female in a...
  2. Kiko+Peanut

    Children And Guinea Pigs

    Hey everyone! I was doing some snooping around the forum and something came to my attention when I was looking at the children and Guinea Pigs thread. So I was wanting to know everyone's opinion. What do you think is the proper age of a child/teen when they can be alone with Guinea Pigs?
  3. Isabela

    Guinea Pig Talking When Cuddling

    Hello. When I pick up my guinea pigs and it's cuddling time they are talking to themselves. Does anybody know what that means? Also when I pick them up and stroke them they are vibrating and purring. I don't think that is good since they look annoyed. Always after I try to pick them up. Also...
  4. Momma_Nerd

    Re-introducing After Long Vet Stay

    Hello! I have a question which I can't seem to find any info about. I have two lively boar 10 week old cavies and sadly one (Doty) got an upper resp infection and is having a stay at the vet for about 10 days. I know he will be fine and we will get him back in no time but I'm worried about his...
  5. CavyIris

    Make My Guinea Pigs Trust Me?

    Hello! I'm just wondering if its normal that my guinea pigs still dont trust me after about three weeks? They dont come up to me or accept their favourite foods from my hand. And they never come out when I'm by their cage. And i would also LOVE some tips on how to bond with them more, (two...
  6. Celine298

    Irish Piggies...

    I'm wondering are there any irish members on this site or am I a lone leprechaun :P It would be cool to chat and know there are any meet ups happening in the country!
  7. Carrotyd

    When You Move In For A Bro Hug, But The Junk In Your Trunk Gets In The Way

    Hello guys. I've been away from the forum for a while, and forgot how much I love this place. Harry and Lloyd are both great, and have had a great few months, and continue to be best buds. So much so, they can't bear to be parted... As this next sequence of pictures show. This is Lloyd, just...