c&c grids

  1. RosieMaia

    C&c Cage - Tips, Tricks And Pitfalls

    Hiya! Inspired by a lovely thread in another section, I wanted to ask the people in the forum who have experience with C&C cages for their tips, tricks and pitfalls. I've watched lots of YouTube tutorials in the past few days, BUT I somehow missed a very obvious tip - you're supposed to...
  2. Siikibam

    Added Area

    I finally got round to adding a lift for the boys. And they seem to love it! So much so there was popcorning, in the loft by :woot: I’m trying to decide whether to add a loft on the other cage and perhaps put the hay tray up there and a bed below, or wait till I’ve built the C&C cage.
  3. Siikibam

    Change To Cage (and Step 1)

    Since I joined the two cages, it eventually became a hassle to clean them out. I'd have to lift off the wire bit of one and clean then let them run into it so I can clean the other. Getting the bars back on was the bothersome part of it. so I bought some c&c grids and swapped out. It'll be sooo...