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  1. court29x

    Both my guinea pigs aren’t drinking?

    For the past 2 days my guinea pigs haven’t drank anything from their water bottle? They are both lively, playing, eating just not drinking? I’ve just ran out of hay so they didn’t have much yesterday but I’m on my way out now to get some..they’ve had some grass and red pepper and devoured the...
  2. Bethany How

    Thick Smelly Discharge

    I've gone to clean my male guinea pigs rear ends to make sure there's no saw dust or hay stuck up there, to notice his bum was packed with this thick cream in colour smelly discharge, I've cleaned him out. What is it? And do I need to get him to the vets? He's just over a year old. Thanks in...
  3. Finty

    Post Neutering Op

    Hi, my guinea pig was neutered yesterday and his behaviour is what I expect to be typical for a recovering guinea. For example, being less active etc. I have laid towels out in his cage to make sure nothing sticks to his wounds. However, I have discovered that his urine has become extremely...
  4. Coconut piggy

    Quiet & Congested Sounding

    About 1 year old female pig was out of the cage for cuddling, when I noticed she was very quiet. Usually, she would be loud and happy, but for some reason this time she only made very faint chutting noises when I pet her. When listening closer, I realized that she was making a strange congested...
  5. R

    Help! My Cavy Stopped Eating

    Here's the gist, my Cavy is refusing to eat his pellets or his hay but he will gladly accept fruits and veggies and his treats. He is kind of large (always has been since I adopted him) and this is unlike him to refuse to eat his pellets or hay. He is always the first one to his food bowl to...
  6. PiggieNinja

    Please Help! Head Tilt!

    This morning i noticed that Willow my 1 year old guinea pig has got a head tilt. I assume it is an ear infection but it could be worse. Today being sunday it would cost me £150+ to go to the vets (which i am obviously reluctant to do) evidently I will take her to the vets tomorrow but I'm so...
  7. S

    My 6 Week Old Gp Keeps Trying To Make With My 5 Month Old Gp (both Boys)

    Hi there. I wonder if anyone could help me at all. Two weeks ago I bought two GPs', both boys which were 'hutch mates'. To start with the boys were really friendly and the big one looked after the little one. However, they both will never come out of their hut unless they think I am not in...
  8. leahp1803

    My Guinea Pig Isn't Eating Hay

    I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not about this, but my piggie Pickles doesn't appear to be eating hay, I put pelletes in and he eats them straight away, but his hay appears to be untouched, should I be concerned about this? or is he just enjoying his pelletes more? he eats veggies when...
  9. kitkat1

    Overweight Pig?

    So I have recently gotten two guinea pigs that are just about the same age. Though the white one (Dipper) is a lot chubbier. I don't know if you can tell from my profile pic, but he is chubbier than the black piggie (Moonbeam). I can't weigh him at the moment because I am currently sick, but...
  10. B

    Is My Guinea Pig Heading To Rainbow Bridge?

    My female guinea pig bugsy (inspired from the Adam Sandler film bedtime stories) has been in my life for 6 years now, which I hear is really good because guinea pigs live for up to five years. We thought she would have passed away along time ago because she has this infected sore on her back...