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  1. court29x

    Both my guinea pigs aren’t drinking?

    For the past 2 days my guinea pigs haven’t drank anything from their water bottle? They are both lively, playing, eating just not drinking? I’ve just ran out of hay so they didn’t have much yesterday but I’m on my way out now to get some..they’ve had some grass and red pepper and devoured the...
  2. M

    Is this okay?

    My guinea pig has, as nasty as this sounds, bedding in his bum hole, and I don't know what to do. I don't want to hurt him and pull it out. I changed to paper begging right when I found out, but is he gonna be okay?
  3. Catdawg

    Haven't A Clue What This

    Just noticed this on canelos back end this evening :/ I haven't had them long so I can't say I've noticed any changed behaviour but he is quite shy and likes to hide and curl up in corners a lot but I haven't noticed any change I want to try and avoid further investigation as I don't want to...
  4. Kamisnowla

    Please Help Is My Guinea Pig In Pain?

    This is Snow, my little female piggie. I'm having a hard time telling the difference between if she is just very comfortable and relaxed or she is in much pain. She is eating and drinking okay. It's been pretty warm here so maybe she is just hot? Please someone answer. She jays there, feet out...
  5. ChloeCee98

    C & C Cages So Hard To Find In The Uk!

    What is a reasonable price to pay for a c&c cage ? I was going to buy one from a suggested site today but my partner isn't so sure as it's a lot of money. The materials are really hard to find to be able to build seperately. I've looked at a number of places and I'm looking at between £70 and...
  6. Beans&Toast

    Really Worried About Beans And Toast, Not Sure What's Happened?

    I'm not sure what's just happened... I was sitting talking to the pigs, they were both in their own hay boxes, absolutely fine. I looked away for a second then heard Beans running into another hidey house. It was so fast that it made me look to see what happened. Beans looked absolutely...
  7. AdamFrench

    Blood On The Fleece - Baffled!

    I have two soon to be 7 month old girls. The little one is always bouncy and full of courage but the big one is typically more reserved, let's the little one test the waters before committing to anything. They had a bit of a disagreement a couple of weeks ago which sounded horrible but no...