crusty nipples

  1. S

    Hair loss and runny eyes

    Hello, We adopted a guinea from Petsmart where my daughter works. This female guinea (Nova) had health problems when she was little with runny eyes and some other issues that I can't remember now. Petsmart put her in quarantine and had a vet looking in on her for a couple of months. She was...
  2. Stewybus


    Older sows can be prone to ovarian cysts & also bladder stones stuck in their urethra. Please check your girls regularly especially if they are making any unusual noises. It usually affects over 4 year olds more but isn’t unknown in 3 year olds. For ovarian cysts there are 2 things to look...
  3. E

    Ovarian Cysts?

    Hi I have two female guinea pigs that are either 3 or 4 years old. They both eat and drink except that when I try to take them out to exercise they just sit in the corner but I think they just are scared. My concern is that one of my piggies nipples are crusty. The right one is bigger and...