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crusty nose

  1. C

    I'm worried that my Guinea's are sick, but i cant that them to the vet.

    I have 2 almost 5 year old female Guinea pigs, one is a short haired Guinea pig and the other is a long haired. While cleaning their cage a checking them, I noticed that both of them have crusty noses and crust eyes. After cleaning the crust off them I saw that the long haired one wasn't walking...
  2. Tinychels

    Crust around the nose

    Hello! I’ve noticed that piggy Akira has some kind of crust below her nose. She usually sneezes maybe once every few days. I took pictures with flash because that’s the only way I can show the crust. Don’t worry, I wasn’t grabbing her head - it kind of looks that way. I have visited the vet once...
  3. EllieHawkins

    Running nose and sneezing

    I lost a Guinea pig and it left my eldest Peaches alone. I decided she needs company and looked around for a guinea pig. I found a young Abyssinian girl and I fell in love! She was checked before I took her and she was clear. Once home I put her into my big indoor pen (can’t have guinea pigs...
  4. E

    Piggy has green crust on nose, please help!

    I am a fairly new owner and I do not know everything about Guinea pigs. My one pig Totoro has green crust around her left nostril, and occasionally seems to breath a bit heavy. That could be because i turn on the heater in my room but, she also sneezes, and tries to wipe her nose. I do not know...
  5. Petelixon

    HELP: Crusty nose.

    My guinea pig Donald has had this for months (will post a pic in the comments). We took him to the vets the first time we saw this. It was a 1-2 minute appointment where the vet glanced at him quickly and told him that this is due to Vitamin C deficiency and that is nothing serious. Then they...
  6. Tahla

    Crusty strip between nostrils!

    Hi! First time posting, sorry if I do anything wrong! Not very good at these things! Haha. I have 2 piggies, Matt and Jeff! Today I noticed between their nostrils, mainly Matt, it has like a yellow crusty strip! I did not notice this yesterday during cuddle time and neither did my partner...
  7. Ozzy and Otis

    Crusty nose, Help!

    So I have 2, 6 month guinea pigs (Ozzy, and Otis) that I have had for about 2 months, and I decided that they needed another friend. After introductions, (which took up most of the day). I was putting them back into their cage for the night, and I noticed the newbie (Ollie) had some crusty...
  8. Megannah

    Crusty Fur Above Nose

    My piggie Marshall has got a bit of crusty fur above his nose and seems to be sneezing a lot, when I listen to his breathing he does seem a bit wheezy, should I be worried and take him to a vet ? Or is it fine ? I'm quite new to this as I've only had my two boys a year today and they have never...