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Crusty nose, Help!

Ozzy and Otis

New Born Pup
May 6, 2018
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So I have 2, 6 month guinea pigs (Ozzy, and Otis) that I have had for about 2 months, and I decided that they needed another friend. After introductions, (which took up most of the day). I was putting them back into their cage for the night, and I noticed the newbie (Ollie) had some crusty discharge coming out of his nose, does anyone have any suggestions for what my next step would be and what this means? Thanks.


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Mar 19, 2018
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For sure, anytime there's a question like that with these little ones, it's really time to just call a vet for a look-see. Typically discharge can be a symptom of a URI but accompanied with other symptoms such as cough, sneeze and maybe discharge from the eyes as well. You should be able to call the store or breeder you got him from and have them let their vet see him but I would do so asap.

Best with the little one. Please let us know how he fares.