1. Sophiaclark

    Guinea pig clumpy poop!

    Hello everyone! I have 2 guinea pigs and in April one of my Guinea pigs had a bladder stone op and it was successful she has been doing perfectly fine but recently she’s started to cry again when peeing and cry even louder when she poops I’ve been checking and her poop is very runny and all...
  2. TheLottiediarys

    Feeling Awful I'm Doing Everything Wrong

    I feel just absolutely terrible, Everything just seems to be bad at the moment :( I really feel like a failure with my animals. I've been working for months with Daenerys my hamster to get her used to Me, she's so shy and gets very upset when anything changes, this includes adding anything new...
  3. TheLottiediarys

    Baby's Acting A Bit Weird, Limping?

    Hi guys Around a week ago I thought Baby looked a little weird when she was walking about. It's almost like she's limping, so I grabbed her to get a closer look at her, checked her all over, moved her legs to see if there was any problem moving them but they move fine. The only thing I could...