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  1. S

    First snooze

    Today I picked up Gizmo for a cuddle and groom, after his groom he settled on my lap which has never happened before. He then gave me a big yawn and pancaked onto my lap. (I even think he had a snooze!) I’ve never had a cuddle with either of them for this long and it’s just made me really happy 😆
  2. Hannahb2804

    Lap time

    What do you all find best to use for lap time so the piggies don’t pee on you? I was thinking of just buying a cheap towel but not sure if it would work so any ideas? Thankyou xx
  3. Sonnet


    Just to show how wriggly he is, even when having cuddles! Sprout, by comparison, would just sit there.
  4. Sonnet

    Comfy, Sprout?

    Took him out for a cuddle just now. He decided that my hand made the perfect sitting place, and wouldn’t move!
  5. Sonnet

    Nice place to take a nap

    Radish. He used to live with Chutney, until he (very) unexpectedly died last year. Broke my heart, it really did. He loved cuddles, and just snuggling up round my neck, or wriggling under my hoodie and pancaking. Was also a right little character, and proved to be something of an escape artist...
  6. K

    Inside Time

    I’ve had all 3 of my boys in the house because of the cold weather. Today, I’ve set them up in the living room and just sat and watched them.. they’ve had a rough year but today I can happily report I have seen them popcorning and squeaking and running about and eating more hay than I think I’ve...
  7. Sonnet

    Enjoying A Chin Rub

    Yep, that's the spot says Sprout.
  8. MJG

    Does Anyone Else Do This ?

    Hi guys Havnt posted in a while , just been lurking in the shadows checking the forum everyday for advice and tips lol, I'm just wondering does anyone else take their pigs into bed with them in the morning ? For a quick cuddle before popping them in their run? I am very guilty of this , glad my...
  9. TheLottiediarys

    Baby Had Her First Bath Today! We Took Cute Photos! Also, I Found Some Flees :/

    Baby had a bath! And she really didn't like it! We stopped and started alot so she didn't feel too overwhelmed! Here are some cute photos we took while Baby cuddled with me to dry: Also, we found some flees while combing her? Do guinea pigs get flees? Or are they Cat flees that have...
  10. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Happy Birthday Baby Girls!

    Hello other piggy slaves! We would like to announce that we, Andromeda and Tonks, have turned 1 today! So that means we get to stay up late and date boys. I'm Andromeda and I bit mummy quite firmly when she didn't give me food quick enough, she treated us to lots of new things today...
  11. TheLottiediarys

    Baby's Getting A Hair Cut And Cuddles! !

    Even though she's not really long haired I've just given baby a haircut! Baby seems to be struggling to groom herself lately She's not been looking her normal shiny, healthy self. She injured her foot a while ago so maybe that's why she's been grooming less, But she's had a hair cut, a brush...
  12. ChloeCee98

    First Bath In The New House x

    MoMo had her first bath in the new house today :) went very well she even had a quick 2 seconds of a hair dryer and she did really well! But scared at first but loved it after wards. (Lowest heat and power). I'm going to cut her wispy bits of hair around her bum bum tomorrow before work (Sunday...
  13. Banbh

    Nice And Comfy Up Here...

    Got the piggies out for a bit of fussing today. Not all at once, individually. Radish was first, and as soon as I settled down, he decided to snuggle as close to my neck as he could! Always been happy to have a fuss, has Radish. He's certainly the cuddliest piggy I've ever known, anyway...
  14. Beans&Toast

    Photo Update...

    Haven't posted any photos of the pigs lately, better fix that :drool: Beans is doing amazing considering she was spayed 2 weeks ago and has since pulled out her stitches and then pulled out the staple that was put in in place of the stitches... nothing stops that pig, not even cataracts :love...
  15. Elgifu321

    Share A Pig Of Your Snuggly Guinea Pigs!

    I love seeing pics of really cuddly guinea pigs that are super comfortable with their owners. Rupert, my 4 yo piggy is always happy to snooze on my lap! Here's a few pics! Share pics of your piggys if they do anything like this or are simply cuddle monsters :love:
  16. Guineapigfeet

    First Time On The Sofa

    When the piglets came inside this evening I took them one at a time to the sofa to sit with my OH who wants them to be cuddlier! They were only with him for a couple of minutes each; BB went first and seemed to settle in his arms, Rey looked a bit worried the whole time but did wriggle unde the...
  17. Beans&Toast

    Beans' Ear Must Have Been Burning...

    Earlier on today I mentioned in a thread that Beans can be a grumpy little pig and doesn't always like hugs or to be petted (I love her just the same) Well she must have known I was talking about her because about 30 minutes ago she was eeking at me to be picked up, and once I did she made...
  18. Pandapudge

    After Her First Nail Trim!

    It was time for the girls to get their nails trimmed. Poor Ipo didn't care for it but settled in for cuddles afterwards!
  19. HannahPiggie

    Cuddles For First Time In 20 Months!

    I am so happy! One of my piggies, Saga, will be two in January. He was always the crazy one, who seemed to hate handling with a passion. When he was a baby and I got him out he would go mad trying to get away from me, even doing somersaults inside the blanket I used to hold him. I decided it was...