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First Bath In The New House x

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Teenage Guinea Pig
Jan 25, 2017
North East, England
MoMo had her first bath in the new house today :) went very well she even had a quick 2 seconds of a hair dryer and she did really well! But scared at first but loved it after wards. (Lowest heat and power). I'm going to cut her wispy bits of hair around her bum bum tomorrow before work (Sunday work yay :zzz:)

All in all she did really well and loves that she can just walk around in the new room as it's laminate :yahoo: perfect for piggies!

Also first time using gorgeous guineas shampoo. We used the lice n easy one and it smelt lovely! She's a smelly pig with lots of hair but now she's smelling wonderful, hopefully will notice improvements in the next few days and she will be lice free and out of her grump she's been in the past few weeks ❤:luv:
Not open for further replies.