1. lilpumpkamo

    Anyone know what this behavior is? It sometimes can look like Moose (mom) is kicking Coco (baby). It's putting everyone on edge.

    See title. Moose has been kicking and throwing her butt and her baby recently. I have never seen this behavior before in any of my other guinea pigs. Should I separate them?
  2. C

    Bonding baby boars

    I adopted a lone boar about 3 - 4 weeks ago since my parents told me to get one guinea pig first. I am planning to adopt a second boar next week which is about 1.5 months old while mine is 3 months old. I am planning to put them in a 2x6 C&C cage. Do I need to quarantine the other boar or should...
  3. MsBaru

    Advice on male baby pig separation needed - what is the best approach?

    Hello everyone. My guinea pig female (she came already pregnant from an owner who did not have guinea pigs sexed and housed them all together before he gave them up for adoption) recently gave birth to two healthy babies - one boar and one sow. The thing is, I know the young boy has to be...
  4. S

    New Guinea pig after death

    Last night my Guinea pig stevie died leaving his 4 year old cagemate alyx alone. I know that Guinea pigs are social animals so we are looking for a new one. But how old should it be? If we got a younger one (a baby), I'm afraid that it would be alone after alyxs death and we would have to keep...
  5. E

    Mushroom, Marmalade, Cheddar and Chickpea

    My 4 beautiful 4 month old girlies. Safe to say I am o b s e s s e d.
  6. Livvysquish

    Bare patch with cut?

    I've recently posted about urgently rescuing a baby guinea pig as it was alone for weeks. This is about the baby. I have noticed that all my piggies apart from one is completely fine with her. I first noticed a small wound on her nose and thought it might have been a warning nip gone too far...
  7. Hope4gem

    Baby guinea pig lost weight

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post. My family has a baby (female) guinea pig who is between 7 and 9 weeks old. (We don't know her exact age because she came from a pet store). We have been weighing her daily and every day she gained weight until today. These are her weights...
  8. P

    How do i comfort my dieing piggy?

    My pig named chip died today due to my mistake of using bleach in the same room as my guines pigs, I'm a new pig owner so I was unaware it was going to hurt them. But my other pig oreo has been limping, drinking alot of water, has a really messy coat, has white discharge coming from his eyes and...
  9. adussiaQ

    Static lice / hay mites in young boar!

    Hello everyone, I’ve had my new piggy for just over a week now and today I saw he has static lice! Everyone keeps recommending the “lice and easy” shampoo but he is only 7 weeks old and the shampoo shouldn’t be used on piggies under the age of 12 weeks... what else can I use to get rid of...
  10. T

    Rescued Female guinea pig, very aggressive with baby guinea pig

    Hi! I recently adopted 2 guinea pigs. I got Ivy (1 month old) from a pet store, and rescued a 4 month old guinea pig named Hope about a month ago. They are both females. Hope was found left in her cage in a garbage can :( and no one knows what happened to her before that, but appears perfectly...
  11. cashewandpeppa

    Re-introducing after surgery

    Hi! I’ve read all of the forums on here about bonds in trouble, medical separations, bonding behavior, etc. but I’ve got one big question. Does anyone have an example of what the fighting ball of fluff would look like? My girls, when they were together prior to one of them having surgery, have...
  12. N

    New baby guinea pig trying to suckle on older females?

    Hi! I'm new here. I have two older female guinea pigs (around 2 years) i used to have a third but she passed two weeks ago. Three days ago i got a female baby guinea pig thats around 7 weeks old. Ive been housing her in the upper level of their c&c cage for the past few days and I'm letting them...
  13. S

    Little dry patch

    Hello! I posted on here the other day about my guinea boy who had a crusty ear. This is now clearing up well with daily sea salt cleaning. however I’ve just found this patch. Is it anything to be worried about. They’ve been treated for mites.
  14. I

    Guinea pig not moving much, not eating a lot and hiding

    Hi guys, so I got my guinea pig a few weeks ago, and she’s been great (always active, comes out, interacts, eating a lot) and then today, out of nowhere, she’s been hiding and hasn’t come out much for food or water. We tried to syringe her some water and she took a little but hasn’t ate much...
  15. Hannahb2804

    C&c cages for babies

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows anything about having babies in c&c cages? Are they safe for them? Wanting to buy a cage but not sure if I need to spend extra to have baby bars put in if they are ok with normal grids. So if anyone knows anything that would be fab! Xx
  16. A

    Guinea pig questions!

    Hi, I’m a new guinea pig mummy and have some questions please! I have had Albie (grey) for 6 weeks and Zeb for 5, they are brothers - both around 4 months old. Some days they will let me and my partner pick them up (when they are in their beds) and put them on us whilst stroking / feeding...
  17. S

    What gender is my 4 week old guinea pig?

    So my 3 guinea pigs are approaching 4 weeks old and we're trying to determine what genders they are so we can try to separate them and get the males neutered. We're pretty sure of the genders of the other two, however the other one is black and the genital area is very small. I don't have great...
  18. S

    Is my guinea pig playing or bullying?

    Hi, I have 3 guinea pigs. 1 is 2 years old, the other is 24 weeks and the new one I got is 12 weeks. The 2 year old and 24 week old ones have shared a 3 x 5 cage for months and are fine. I introduced the 12 week one by building a small c&c cage inside the 3 x 5 for a week and they all popcorned...
  19. S

    Territorial over food?

    Hi, any help would be so appreciated. I have 2 females, Biscuit was adopted and is at least 2 years old (actual age unknown) and one new addition that we got 2 days ago, Piglet - she’s a baby. :love: We did an introduction and all was really smooth. Biscuit seemed to take Piglet under her wing...
  20. P

    Skittish Piggies

    I got two male baby pigs a week ago and they’re very skittish. Whenever I move they dart into their hidey house. I was sitting on my bed and I stretched and they went into full panic mode. I’ve been handling them, but maybe I’m not supposed to at this stage? What can I do to tame them or at...