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  1. G

    Help caring for a baby guinea pig?

    I’ve messed up here. I know I have, so please be kind to me. I got a 20 day old Guinea pig today. I didn’t know how young she was: I was told she was 4 weeks, not almost 3. She’s apparently weaned, and definitely has the y shaped genitals of a girl, though there’s a tiny nub nothing pops out...
  2. E

    Cause of death-is it my fault?

    My guinea pig gave birth 4 days ago to 5 babies, one of them was born weighing only 41g which rapidly dropped to 34g, we are pretty sure he was blind in one eye and were awaiting vets, we were syringe feeding him every 1.5 hours, but the last couple days, he kept having it where he would go...
  3. Angelina_97866

    Bonding to make a trio

    Hi, I have just adopted a pair of sows and am hoping that I can introduce a younger sow to form a trio. Obviously I have to wait a couple of weeks or more for them to settle in and trust us, but would it work trying to do this? The pair I have are 1 years old. (Photo from previous owner)
  4. C

    5 days old head tilted on one side

    Hello, I really need help. My mommy guinea pig recently gave birth to 4 babies. Just a moment ago, I suddenly noticed 1 of them can't walk nor sit straight, head tilted on side and one eye is unresponsive (sclera can be seen). He can move and wiggle his legs but when I put him down, his head...
  5. R

    Very nervous new pigs!

    Hi new time pig owner here! I adopted a pair of 12 week old boys last week. I have read so many taming techniques, all say to start with offering them food in their hide and move your hand away and they will eat it, then move on from there…. Mine just sit terrified at the back of the hide and...
  6. RheMae

    Baby hairless and watery eye?

    Hi everybody. I recently got another guinea pig despite not being fully ready, because my other guinea pig Bert needed a companion. They're doing super well together, luckily. His name is Will, and he's a hairless breed, with only hair on his nose and paws. He's about a couple months old now...
  7. grayzoe99

    Baby Rex Guinea Pigs

    My babies when they were 6 weeks old and the last pics are of them yesterday at 3 years old! I love looking back on old photos of how small they were especially because they are so big now! 🥰
  8. D

    I dont know why my baby piggy passed awat today

    I purchased a guinea pig at a local pet store near my house, and she ended up already being pregnant when I got her. Well some weeks later she had 3 happy, and what seemed to be healthy babies. It's been about 2 weeks since she had them and they have been doing great up until today. When we got...
  9. blackie&tootsie

    EMERGENCY HELP! Baby guinea pig mites

    Hello, I'm a new piggy owner and I am worried for my male baby guinea pig, he's about 1-2 months old. 2 weeks ago, I got him from a pet shop. Bringing him home, I noticed he got a white hard thing in his hair on his neck (Idk how to insert an image). I didn't notice him excessively scratch and...
  10. Gemm24

    New baby!

    Hello everyone. Merry Christmas. I am currently 7 months pregnant and live in a flat with three guinea pigs. My partner wants me to Move the guinea pigs out to my parents when we have the baby. the pigs currently live in my living room/kitchen which is open plan. I don’t have another separate...
  11. G

    2 Day old pig with cloudy eye

    Hello! I know very little about guinea pigs so any advice would be appreciated. TL;DR Two day old guinea pig has cloudy (but otherwise normal) eye and I don’t know if he had it yesterday, what do I do? I am watching my neighbors animals for the week, this included 2 guinea pigs, one of which...
  12. Sazeasy

    Baby pigs with bald patches

    Hi there I rehomed 2 baby sows yesterday afternoon. 8.5 weeks. When I collected the lady said that they were born with cradle cap. She had given to Pets At Home for advice (sigh) and they advised to treat with coconut oil 3 times a day. She said it had cleared considerably since then. I have...
  13. Fiona1987

    Bonding two Sows

    Good evening everyone 🙂, Hopefully someone can shed some light on if this behaviour is establishing hierarchy or if it’s fighting/ unable to bond. One of my Guinea boars passed away a couple weeks ago which left my one sow pretty lonely and she was obviously missing him. I was lucky to have...
  14. lilpumpkamo

    Anyone know what this behavior is? It sometimes can look like Moose (mom) is kicking Coco (baby). It's putting everyone on edge.

    See title. Moose has been kicking and throwing her butt and her baby recently. I have never seen this behavior before in any of my other guinea pigs. Should I separate them?
  15. CavyL0ver

    Bonding baby boars

    I adopted a lone boar about 3 - 4 weeks ago since my parents told me to get one guinea pig first. I am planning to adopt a second boar next week which is about 1.5 months old while mine is 3 months old. I am planning to put them in a 2x6 C&C cage. Do I need to quarantine the other boar or should...
  16. MsBaru

    Advice on male baby pig separation needed - what is the best approach?

    Hello everyone. My guinea pig female (she came already pregnant from an owner who did not have guinea pigs sexed and housed them all together before he gave them up for adoption) recently gave birth to two healthy babies - one boar and one sow. The thing is, I know the young boy has to be...
  17. S

    New Guinea pig after death

    Last night my Guinea pig stevie died leaving his 4 year old cagemate alyx alone. I know that Guinea pigs are social animals so we are looking for a new one. But how old should it be? If we got a younger one (a baby), I'm afraid that it would be alone after alyxs death and we would have to keep...
  18. E

    Mushroom, Marmalade, Cheddar and Chickpea

    My 4 beautiful 4 month old girlies. Safe to say I am o b s e s s e d.
  19. Livvysquish

    Bare patch with cut?

    I've recently posted about urgently rescuing a baby guinea pig as it was alone for weeks. This is about the baby. I have noticed that all my piggies apart from one is completely fine with her. I first noticed a small wound on her nose and thought it might have been a warning nip gone too far...
  20. Hope4gem

    Baby guinea pig lost weight

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post. My family has a baby (female) guinea pig who is between 7 and 9 weeks old. (We don't know her exact age because she came from a pet store). We have been weighing her daily and every day she gained weight until today. These are her weights...