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  1. violetgirl

    I Got A New Cage! Christmas Present

    My 3 month old girl Pepper is loving her new cage (the one above). However, since she's settling in she hides a little more which means less playtime. Hoping she'll get used to it soon so I can hold her more.
  2. A

    Update To: Is It Possible That My Piggie Is Still Sick?

    Here is the link to my original post: Is It Possible That My Piggy Is Still Sick? So, long story short my little Georgey was sick with a URI for two weeks at the least, and we had brought him into the vet a second time. The veterinary clinic I go to sees guinea pigs on the reg, so I have faith...
  3. meggles1410

    Introducing Bluebell And Maisie Being My Little Goof Again

    after my posts i finally got pictures of little Bluebell and some of Maisie finally back to her old self! Maisie is so happy and relaxed again, snuggling and pancaking :wub::wub: also starting a grooming routing with Bluebell after preaching about the importants of it all the time at work (I'm...
  4. meggles1410

    I'm So Scared And Sad... Mixed Emotions

    its been a very long time since ive posted about 4-3 years ago when i got my pig Maisie and adopted Teddy. well teddy passed over the rainbow bridge last month aged 6-7 we believe due to a massive tumor. this has left me heart broken and Maisie more so as she never left his side! her depression...
  5. Celine298

    New Pig Has Goo In Her Eye

    I got a new baby pig last week. I noticed when I got her home that her left eye was weeping some goo (not the normal kind they secreat for cleaning themselves) and I thought she may have gotten some sawdust in it in the pet shop. It's been a week and it's still seeping. I clean it with some...
  6. Celine298

    New Girl

    I'd like everyone to meet the new baby, Lola-Jean! She's an Abby, like my other piggy Sunny. they've had a quick introduction, and it was a massive success! Sunny did a bit of rumble-strutting, a lot of grooming of her little face and seems absolutely delighted to have a new sister...
  7. G

    Why Does My Piggy Dip His Paws In Water?

    my male Guinea pig he is still somewhat a baby. He recently just started dipping his front paws in his water dish but he'll stay there for a good few minutes and his hind legs will be down like he's resting lol it's so cute i thought maybe he's just hot?
  8. 2

    Keeping A Mom And Baby Together?

    I adopted a mom and a baby from the Animal Humane Society. The mum is 1 year old, and the baby is around 4 weeks. The mother has been rumble strutting, which is normal... but today, she has been seemingly ATTACKING her baby! The baby gives out these horrible shrills, so I usually take her out to...
  9. Ebaker6pigs

    Please Help! - Weak Baby

    On 5/7/16 one of my sows had 5 babies. One of them has always been smaller but Today I've found it very weak. It won't suckle from mum and won't eat solid food. Not sure if I should hand feed nor what to feed it?
  10. drewj

    New Piggy Is Smaller Than The Other?

    so I finally got my Guinea pig a cage mate (it's been 2 months and I finally had enough money saved) and the new one is younger and is MUCH smaller. the bigger one isn't mean to the baby, but she has a few times just laid in one of their hidies on top of her or she has stepped on her while they...
  11. C

    Really Veiny Ears?

    Hello! Sorry I couldn't find anything specific about this so I had to ask I got a new guinea pig, I think he's about 3 or 4 months old. I rescued a very skinny, runt baby last year and he also had very veiny ears and suddenly passed away the next month.. I don't want the same thing to happen to...
  12. Keiko The Pig

    Rustic/blood Wee Stains?

    So recently I have noticed some rustic looking stains on the lighter coloured areas of my fleece, i know blood in urine is never a good thing so really need some advice. I never had these stains before adopting Milo from a reputable piggy rescue so my best bet is that they're from him, he's just...
  13. JoannaMarie

    Monty My New Addition With His New Friend Alan The Lion

    I've had Monty a few weeks now, him and Alan seem to have bonded (finger's crossed) they were introduced over two weeks ago now. Alan does love to mount Monty but no real aggression and Monty has learnt to stick up for himself so Alan knows he can't push things too far! Monty is pretty cute it...
  14. Keiko The Pig

    First Time Boar Bonding!

    Hi! For those of you who've seen my other posts you know I recently got my first pig, and today his friend grom the rescue came home! It's about a half hour into bonding and there's been rumbling, mounting from both parties, butt sniffing, chasing, and popcorning from both boys! Milo (Keikos new...
  15. Keiko The Pig

    Adoption In Process! Name Help!

    Hi everyone! I've been actively searching for a young boar to bond with my Keiko, and the ONE AND ONLY piggies rescue near me came through! They had a litter of 3 pigs recently (mom was already pregnant when they brought her in, obviously they do not breed) and there is one boy! The sisters will...
  16. Squidgypigs

    Popcorn Free Baby Helford

    Helford was born already sleeping this morning at 11 o clock. He is remembered by both his human family and of course his mummy Miley, sister Zelah & Aunty Morag. You were big and strong like your aunty Morag and had gorgeous sleak, shiny cream agouti fur. I think you would have enjoyed cuddles...
  17. Guineapigfeet

    Stretchy Pig

    Rey out and about during floor time. A second after this picture, Chewie jumped I to the crate and Rey shut the door behind her!
  18. Abbie's Piggies

    Bonding Males

    hello my second post on here and i was wondering if anyone could help me i have two bonded girls they were easy to bond. then we got twiggy (last pig left :'( otherwise would have got his brother) we have been looking for a while and we have tried a skinny pig baby but the baby didnt take to...
  19. P

    Baby Pig Biting After Hand Feeding

    Hello. I'm a new pig mom and I took in a very young pig (He's roughly 2 months old. When he came to me his umbilical cord scab was still present) who became really sick due to the situation he was in before he came to live with me. Fortunately he is getting better. I've been hand feeding him the...
  20. Squidgypigs

    Blind Baby?

    We will get this confirmed at the vets but I suspect that one of Blondie's recent babies could be blind, possibly even deaf. She was the last to be born and is considerably smaller than her brother and sister, however is gaining weight steadily. There is nothing physically suspicious of...