Baby Hearing Pregnant Mom’s Babies in Stomach


Junior Guinea Pig
May 6, 2018
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North Carolina, United States
Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a cute story about my guinea pigs. (First, I wanted to say that I know back to back guinea pig pregnancies are very dangerous and this situation was not planned.) One of my babies, Autumn, had a litter of 3 with a boar, Winter, who I originally thought was a girl as well. I kept one of the babies who is a girl, Frost, and Autumn became pregnant again from one of the boys since I didn’t know they could mature early before 21 days. Now that she is very pregnant, and I have started to see the baby(s) kicking. The cute story is that Frost has been spotted putting her head on Autumn’s stomach and talking to it. Sometimes she rubs her nose over her stomach as well and I just thought it was so adorable how she seemed to be communicating with the babies in Autumn’s stomach. It brought a smile to my face through all the stress of the situation so I just wanted to share in case it could bring a smile to anyone else’s face if you need it. :)