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  1. B

    How to remove oinment from fur

    My sister's guinea has an eye ulcer, therefore we have to apply ointments and gels on her little eye 10 times a day for two weeks! The application has been incredibly difficult, at first we (and the vet) failed miserably as Gogo did everything to keep us from putting the ointments in her eye...
  2. L

    grease gland

    Does anybody know anything about something called a grease gland? it always kind of been on my guinea pig and I never knew what it was. I have to sort it out but I'm confused :) He also HATES baths and water? haha x -thanks
  3. W

    Guinea pig shampoo

    Some of my pigs need baths and grease gland cleaning, I was just wondering what shampoo people would recommend?
  4. Dixiebaby3

    White guinea pig is always getting dirty

    My white guinea pig, Oreo has been getting dark yellow pee stains on her rear a lot more than before. Sometimes she gets so wet I can’t even hold her! Today I gave her a bum bath, but she still has a bit of yellow underneath her. I trimmed her hair just a little bit in the back but she is an...
  5. ishimercado

    How to bathe/trim the nails of a Skittish Guinea Pig?

    Hi, I've a 4 month old Sheltie. I noticed that she has Matted hair on her bum and sides of her body. I wanna give her a bath but the problem is, she won't let me lift her up. She would allow me to pet her but that's about it. How can I give her a bath if she doesn't want me to lift her up?
  6. Zelsi

    Bathing - After effects? Help!

    I have just finished giving my piggy a bath. He had a UTI and had urine in his fur so I decided he needed a wash to get rid of it. Afterwards he was shivery and stressed so I wrapped him in a towel and gave him snacks. I dried him on low-heat with a hairdryer and made sure he was warm, dry and...
  7. Welpo

    my boy is stinky (he literally smells like poo) and needs a bath. How should I go about this?

    As in depth as possible, what's the best way to bathe a skittish guinea pig? Malcolm's a boar and he hasn't had a bath since he's been staying with me (his previous owner did a bath once a month). He smells like poo and I wanna hold/cuddle him without having to pull my face away all the time...
  8. LothianCavies

    Preferred brands and stores UK

    Hello, My three boys are doing very nicely so far and we have made them a rather large indoor enclosure in the hope we can avoid a fallout during their upcoming tricky months. Now I am hoping for advise and recommendations from uk piggie owners. Which food brands do you recommend? Is there an...
  9. P

    Baths And Boar Behavior

    We have 2 boars one an adult not sure hos age as he was adopted as am adult and the other about 2 to 3 months old maybe. We bonded them and everything has been fine. They other day I bathe the adults bum and grease gland he had poo smoothed all around his bum area and stuck in thr. They other...
  10. RJade

    Skin Trouble Again

    I can honestly not tell you how much trouble I've had with two of my guinea pigs and their skin. I'm. It exactly sure what it is this time because it's occurred in 2 guinea pigs that don't live together, but they have the same symptoms. Dry, irritated skin and thinning hair. These two pigs must...
  11. J

    Itching Piggies? Should I Bathe Them?

    Hi! I have two questions: 1. My piggies have been itching themselves quite a lot lately (maybe 4-5x per hour)? Are there other signs/symptoms of mites or fleas that I should look out for? 2. Should I bathe my piggies? I have not bathed them since I adopted them 1 year ago. I have heard mixed...
  12. TheLottiediarys

    How Can I Make Baths Easier For Baby?

    Hi guys! Unfortunately Baby has some medicated shampoo she has been prescribed for her skin as it gets very irritated and flaky, But she hates having a bath! It's like she's being tortured the way she reacts to it! I'm trying to think of ways to make the whole process less stressful for her...
  13. Jennybug89

    Post Bath Photos!

    Got through the bath and she let me use the hair dryer too. I think she hates me now but she's scratching much less and feels and looks lovely so I think it was worth it! Oh Rosie, I love you piggy!
  14. TheLottiediarys

    Baby Had Her First Bath Today! We Took Cute Photos! Also, I Found Some Flees :/

    Baby had a bath! And she really didn't like it! We stopped and started alot so she didn't feel too overwhelmed! Here are some cute photos we took while Baby cuddled with me to dry: Also, we found some flees while combing her? Do guinea pigs get flees? Or are they Cat flees that have...
  15. ChloeCee98

    First Bath In The New House x

    MoMo had her first bath in the new house today :) went very well she even had a quick 2 seconds of a hair dryer and she did really well! But scared at first but loved it after wards. (Lowest heat and power). I'm going to cut her wispy bits of hair around her bum bum tomorrow before work (Sunday...
  16. Guineapigfeet

    First Bath Tomorrow

    BB is going to have her first bath tomorrow. She is the only one of my three who ever looks grubby. Previously it's just been newspaper print transferred onto her white bits, which just comes off after a bit, but this time I can only imagine that she's let some poos marinade in wee a while...
  17. Luna1

    Grease Glands And Bathing

    My boar has a build up of grease around his grease gland, I have tried to wash it off using coconut oil and guinea pig shampoo but he is a bit tricky to bathe, he hates it. Is there any way of making bathing more enjoyable or another way to clean his grease glands?
  18. Watermelon-Pets

    Any Help On Keeping Piggies Clean?

    So when I got given my two piggies I noticed straight away they were quite dirty, especially the white one! So I want to give them a nice clean to make them look the cutest they can! So how do I do this? Is it water and shampoo or sand? Or is there an even easier way of keeping them clean?
  19. Guineapigfeet

    Bb-8 Is Going To Need A Bath!

    I noticed BB's nice bright white patch was not so white at weighing time this weekend. I think she must have napped on pissy newspaper! I gave her a wipe down with a warm damp cloth, much to her disgust, and the mark got removed, but when she was dry she still smelt bad so she's probably going...