1. H

    Specialist What killed my other guinea pigs? And how to save my last

    Okay so up until recently I owned eight guinea pigs all different ages youngest were newborn after I bought her and was told she was a boy which was 'confirmed' by a vet. Anyway as soon as I realized I removed the male in her cage and she gave birth to four healthy babies and one stillborn :(...
  2. K

    Losing a brother.

    Hi everyone. Unfortunately today one of my piggies lost his battle with an infection :( He was sick and old and it was just his time to leave us. Unfortunately he has left behind his brother, who’s been with him pretty much all of his life. I don’t really have the energy for a new pig, so I know...
  3. Ethelandmarigold

    One of group passed away

    Hi, ive posted on here a couple of times about my young guinea pigs. I bought a young female pair in July, one turned out to be pregnant, they had terrible lice and then once she had given birth she began to develop on and off respiratory problems. unfortunately after almost 7 weeks of...
  4. R

    My guinea pig died at age 2 yesterday

    So Jeffrey, my Himalayan guinea pig, died at age 2 yesterday. Don't worry, he didn't live alone. He lived with his brother Alan. He had been acting a little bit strange the last couple of days before, but nothing major, he was still normal. But then, one day, his stomach was all bloated, and he...
  5. Pig_mum

    Grieving over the loss of my guinea pig

    Hi all, I’m writing this post because I sadly lost my eldest guinea pig, aged 8, on Thursday 25th July. The grief has only just really hit and I suppose I’m seeking some advice and support as I’m feeling very angry, guilty and resentful. As you can probably recall, we had temperatures of 35oc...
  6. A

    I lost my guinea pig today.

    Hello! Today i sadly lost my guinea pig called Heidi. She was a very energetic piggy. She loved to explore. She also has a sister whos is called Mia. around two mothns ago we noticed a lump under her chin. We took her to a vet. The vet discoverd that it was abscess. She had to take surgery, to...
  7. TheLottiediarys

    Anya is dying

    I found poor Anya when I checked the animal room this morning to see how everyone was She’s slumped on her side and is gasping every so often, I know she’s dying? This is exactly what happened with Baby before she passed, I’m just glad I found her I’ve got her against the skin on my chest and...
  8. blacklegkat

    One of our boars passed away - what should we do next?

    On the 1st of February, one of my beloved boars unfortunately passed away due to a problem with his digestive system. Me and my father are very sad about this, as you could probably guess, but we feel even worse because now we have a lonely boar. We love him with all our hearts and want the best...
  9. ChubbyCarrots

    Missing my baby.

    Exactly two months ago he passed away. I still get really upset talking about him, he was my baby. He meant the world to me. His passing hit me hard, he went so suddenly and if I’m being honest, I don’t want to move on for fear of forgetting my darling.
  10. France

    Can't cope- need answers

    A few months ago in September my baby Honey died from mysterious causes. I've posted a couple of times about him for other, minor issues. I usually can move on in about a few weeks or so, but his death was far different from all the others and has left me grieving for longer than usual due to...
  11. S

    What happened

    Hi. I want to preface this with that I am new here, but I needed to share my experience. I lost my precious baby girl Cocoa last night, and the pain is still very fresh and graphic in my mind. But there’s something bugging me about it and it’s killing me. Cocoa was 5 years and 11 months old...
  12. ChubbyCarrots


    I think my piggie is dying! He keeps opening and closing his mouth, he can’t move at all, he can’t eat or drink and THE VETS CANT DO ANYTHING PLEASE HELP ME BUDDY IS MY LIFE AND I LOVE HIM
  13. G

    Bullying after one passed

    Hi so I have/had four piggies Rhett, Link, chase, and Stevie. A little over a week ago Stevie passed it was very unexpected and sad. Since Stevie has been gone I’ve noticed chase seemed a little lonely. Rhett and Link were the first pigs that I got and chase and Stevie I got later on and they...
  14. cheysnickbutter

    Guinea pig died - Feeling guilty

    Today I woke up to my 7 year old guinea pig Snickers being dead, and it has been absolutely heartbreaking. He was my first guinea pig, and I have had him since he was about six weeks old; August 11th would have been our 7 year anniversary together. I just can't help but feel guilty about my...
  15. DanielleParkes

    Pig Died, One Left Behind

    i had two guinea pigs, not particularly old (around 2 years, just under) and 2 days ago found one of the boys dead. The day before he seemed perfectly happy and healthy, so I have no idea what happened. I now have one left, (his cage mate) who seems healthy and is eating and drinking fine since...
  16. G

    Guinea Pig Mourning

    Yesterday sadly one of my two guinea pigs passed away due to old age. Our one is now lonely and we are looking to give her to one of our friends who have guinea pigs so that she can have company. But until then, are there any tips to help her with loneliness? it may take some time to find her a...
  17. S

    Death And Lonely Pig

    I don't think I'm quite in the right category, I've never posted in anything like this before, I couldn't find a catagorey that quite fit. I just need to tell someone what happened and get some advice for my other pig. I'm sorry that this will be so long. My guinea pig Pumba died on Saturday. He...
  18. S

    New Cagemate After Sudden Death?

    I hate to have my first post here be so depressing, but I'm not sure what to do right now. I had 2 guinea pigs, Einstein and Snickers. Snickers was adopted at 7 weeks from a local rescue as a new cagemate for Einstein, whos last cagemate, Mr. Cuddles, died suddenly due to a stroke. Today...
  19. lucyjane123

    My Guinea Pig Died So Young

    So earlier my guinea pig George aged 3 died suddenly. He was absolutely fine yesterday until this morning when he refused to eat. We booked him a vets appointment for later as my mum was at work all day. I came downstairs to hearing him making a wheezing noise as well as howling and hiding away...
  20. Taylor S

    Lethargic Guinea Pigs & Death..

    Hello, I've tried browsing the forums but I couldn't find what I needed so here goes.. So in the summer this year (August) I rescued some guinea pigs, 5 months of age, supposedly 3 females.. Well, my two sow guinea pigs recently had pups (over a month ago in October). The boar is now...