1. Chloe B

    Please Help, Piggie Not Eating Properly, Dental Issue?

    Hello. Can anybody help advise please? My latest issue is I have just got back from holiday and I noticed this morning that one of my piggies wasn't eating much veg, particularly the harder bits like pepper. I put it down to them being out of routine. This evening I hand fed them in their...
  2. LaurenSeal23

    Teeth And Eating Issues

    I'm really hoping someone can help with this. My little Bentley has been losing weight quickly over the last week or so. I thought it was because we had introduced a new pair of piggies and he was just acting up. Checked his teeth the other day and one was chipped and the other looked way to...
  3. PiggyOinkOink

    Poor Benji Has Dental/abscess Issues :( ...please Check Your Piggies Teeth Regularly As Standard!

    I noticed that one cage had slighly lose stools for months but I thought it was Rebecca and took her to the vet to find it was a UTI. I separated her from her cage mate, Benji, for 3 days to see who was doing the stools but they both seemed normal so I put them back. The loose stools came back...
  4. TheWheekies

    Chip Broke His Teeth!

    Hi, I'd like to send you to my new blog and my latest post about how Chip broke his teeth and how I'm dealing with it! Please give feedback and if you have any tips, feel free to share either in the comments here or on my blog.
  5. LydiaMinx

    Cloudy Eye After Long Treated Hay-poke And Recent Dental Trouble

    Hey guys, me again! Hopefully I can take a break from posting in this section of the forum soon :bye: So Badger, as detailed in a separate thread, has had dental issues this week. I think I managed to get it under wraps pretty quickly, first noticed he was under the weather on Friday night, he...
  6. kldougan

    Guinea Pig Dentals

    Hello all, I'm looking for a bit of advice on my little PB. He has developed a deformed molar on the top right towards the front. What happens is it starts curving in towards the middle rather than sitting straight like the others. He eats absolutely fine. He's a bit slow to get started on his...
  7. LydiaMinx

    Badger Cannot Eat!

    Hey all, just need some advice. Badger has been acting a bit off for a few days, not eating his veggies or nuggets, or drinking much water. He's also acting lethargic, not really moving much. He's interested in food, but seems reluctant to eat it, as with drinking from his bottle. He's chewing...
  8. kitkat1

    Having Trouble Eating

    So I gave my piggie Moonbeam a vitamin c tablet a couple days ago and he was only nibbling it- he was trying to eat it but it seemed like he was having trouble biting into it. He is eating hay and pellets fine. I gave hime another tablet this morning and he did the same thing- he nibbles at it...
  9. jenniferanneharris

    Dental Broken Front Top Insisor

    Tonight I noticed Sweep has broken his top right insisor. Gonna call vets in the morning...just wanted to ask some advice...never had a animal with a broken tooth. Have given some medical incase he's in pain...but he dosnt seem to be in any pain. Any advice will be great. Thanks. Thanks.
  10. fudcina

    Dental Misaligned Jaw Following Fracture And Using Chin Sling. Advice Needed.

    Our guinea pig Fudge is 4 years old. She was attacked by a dog six weeks ago. She has a misaligned jaw following a fracture to her right lower back jaw. She had her teeth filed under G.A last Tuesday. We are trying this chin sling method. She has to be syringe fed. Is there anyone who have tried...
  11. RozziePiggy

    Dental Piggy Not Eating One Month After Dental Filing?

    My eldest piggy Xavi (Professor Xavier) was slightly struggling to pick up his food last month - I took him straight to the vets who diagnosed early dental problems. I was happy that I had noticed a minor change in him and that it could be sorted he had his filings (front and back)...