1. JJW&Pigs

    Dog got into pig cage

    My dog had gotten into my guinea pig cage. It was a scary and very frightening time but they are safe. The only damage is lost fur and slight scratch marks. I have fully looked at them and can confidently say I have found every single lost fur area and that they are okay. Just scared, and I have...
  2. C

    My dog is having weird behaviour around my Guinea Pigs?

    Hey everyone! My 17 year older dog who has never had babies has a constant habit of trying to throw my quilt onto the guinea pigs with his nose, they’re in a cage but he tries to do it through the bars. He’s not doing it visciously in fact he lays with them around him but I’m just wondering if...
  3. Wahooo92

    An enclosure large enough to not have floor time?

    Hi all, am looking to get guinea pigs in a few years time but want to self build a cage so am doing my research well beforehand. We own a dog and even though he's incredibly well trained, i simply don't feel comfortable having a predator and prey animal living in the same space. We plan for...
  4. A

    I have 3 piggies and we’re about to adopt a puppy!

    Hi! i needed some advice here. I have three piggies, all males. two of them (both around 1 years and 8 months) are in a 2x5 c&c cage while the oldest (almost 4 years) is in his own cage next to them (they can touch through the bars and frequently rumble strut back and forth next to them) I’ve...
  5. toodledoodler

    UGRENT: dog got to Guinea pig

    Hello, my dog Panda was unattended and my mum was supposed to watch that he didn’t get to my guinea pigs but failed - Morgan is fine but Panda was chasing Bumble. Bumble got terrified, naturally, both my mum and I searched him for injuries but he seems to have no visible damage, although the...
  6. A

    Noisy Dogs

    Hi there! I am going to buy a guinea pig next year and had been wondering about this. So I am going to put my piggies outside on a hutch on our backyard. Then there are my dogs... Will the piggies be afraid when dogs bark? And one more... Is it okay to pair up male guinea pigs? Thank you very...
  7. Jesse's pigs

    Doggy Owners- Introducing A Puppy With An Older Dog.

    You may or may not know that as well as my two pigs,rabbit,hamster and two tortoises I also own a dog- Molly. Molly is our little girl and first ever dog- my mum loves her as if she is a second daughter and I myself often refer to her as my sister. She is on the smaller side despite being a...
  8. Jesse's pigs

    Doggy Dilemma

    For those of you who don't know i love German Sheperds or Alsations as they are otherwise known. Like LOVE LOVE THEM! Well I've been working at a kennels and cattery recently - one that looks after pets while the owners are away on holiday etc. (Though there are two ten year old cats - Benji...
  9. ToastandBeans


    Post your precious pooch especially if your hair looks like your dog- okay autocorrect calm down! Post your dog(s) here :nod: Picture 1: Beans does not care about Frank. At all. Not one bit. Beans is Beans. Picture 2: Dogs can't have chocolate, so he's sulking.
  10. ToastandBeans

    When Hooman Has Food And Dog Wants Egg...

    This will happen. Stared to death by a basset
  11. Keiko The Pig

    Help! Dog Bite

    Please I'm here looking for advice not criticism! I have 2 male guinea pigs who turned 1 just last week. They are my only pets and therefore live in their cage on the floor. This week my parents agreed to dog sit a dog we've known and watched over since he was a puppy. In the 10 seconds it took...
  12. ChewyTheGuinea

    Dogs & Guinea Pigs

    My dog is scaring him, what do I do to get her and him to stop
  13. Stayc1989

    The Staffy And The Guinea Pigs

    These are my pictures of Rio my Staffy and my guinea pigs Frankie, Fudge,Florence and Francis. Rio is poppa pig, he treats the guineas like his babies. He guards their runs when they are on the garden and scares away the cats. He pushes his nose right up to the bars and the guineas lick his...