1. cassts

    Sorting Of Dominance?

    I think this is partially due to me being a nervous new owner but my two guinea pigs (both boars) have been settling in fine yet have been showing behaviour which I'm confused over whether it's simply a search of a dominant companion or may lead to something more serious. Atticus (slightly...
  2. MyPreciousOli

    Matured male and baby male introduction. Help please!

    I have a 2 year old male, Sherlock, who has just been introduced to my 9 week old pups Remy and Tigger (who are male littermates). I know that they are supposed to set dominance but Sherlock is chasing Remy around the cage and putting his nose between Remys back legs. There isnt any biting...
  3. Nattzzz

    Hogging igloos!

    I recently got two New Guinea pigs Marble and Jinx for my guinea pig Cinnamon that has been alone for quite some time. They’re doing all the regular bonding, Cinnamon is humping them, they’re sniffing, Cinnamon chases them, etc. Cinnamon often annoys them by going to the food bowl and water at...
  4. M

    Brand-New Owner in Need of Advice!

    Hello! I just signed up for this forum. I'm in need of some assistance with my new guinea pigs! I have just adopted two sows from someone who was moving. I'm the oldest of six, and my family has wanted some new pets for a while now. We picked them up, both of them in separate cages, and...
  5. bumbling-bambi

    Smelly Cage = Grumpy Boars?

    So just as a quick disclaimer i am aware that boars can be grouchy and that dominance plays a big part in this! I know who is the dominant pig and who is the submissive but i was just wondering if anyone else finds this! Also i apologise in advance for the novel i am about to write! So my boys...
  6. P

    Guinea Pig On Back?!

    This afternoon, my male guinea pig (nutmeg) was in the run with his friend (smudge), halfway in to his tunnel. All of a sudden smudge tried to join him in the tunnel! Nutmeg proceeded to turn on to his back, and smudge lay on top of him. We separated them to prevent suffocation. Is this normal...