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  1. J

    3 Male Boars

    Hi all, Apologies for the lengthy message in advance: Call me crazy but I have three male young boars. One of them is cookie which I have had since he was little he’s just over one year old and now moo and ginger who are a pair and their ages are undetermined but they look about 6 months old...
  2. dannif_piggies

    Anyone else experienced this?

    So since Honey passed, Willow has been side By side neighbours with Lois and Laine. Initially this helped Willow realise she wasn't alone, and picked her appetitive straight back up. After about 2 days of being next to them, Willow started chewing at the bars and chewing the coroplast base on...
  3. P

    Ear biting!

    Help! My submissive piggie just bit my dominant ones ear, the dominant pig didn't move or react and isn't hurt at all, and is now led by the submissive one quite happily. I've never seen them do this before, what's going on?
  4. B

    Dominance or fighting?

    Hello! I am a new piggy owner! I currently have three male skinny pigs! Pig who is almost 4 months is in his own separate cage and Scotch and Char(Charcoal) are in their own catch and are 2-3 months old) Pig is in a large Living World Cage and Scotch and Char are in an XL Living World Cage. I...
  5. E

    Two Male Guinea Pigs

    I have two male piggies, around 6-7 months old. One of them is unfortunately causing a bit of trouble (Merry) and it constantly asserting his dominance. By this I mean shaking his bum and making the ‘durring’ noise as I call it, chasing my other piggie around and non- sexually mounting. My other...
  6. Meghan


    Help! I have 3 female pigs living in the same cage they have been the best of friends until now.. I have noticed one of them (Truffle) is wiggling her bum and making a grumbling noise, I believe this is her way of showing them who’s boss? But one Guinnea pig (Caramel) doesn’t like it and...
  7. S

    Help!..... what should I do for my little piggy?

    Hello, So a little information from you wise people if you could 🙃 My dear beloved Ted passed away far too early last week at 3 years old, he was my absolute joy. However, he has left behind his pal Now my question is should I get another for company for Boo or not? Boo seems like he's...
  8. A

    Male boar won’t stop rumblestrutting

    Ok so I had two male guinea pigs ad he rumble strutted quite a lot but not as much as when I put the third boar in he doesn’t hurt him or chatter his teeth he even occasionally licks him and pop corns after rumbling at him. I bonded them all about 1 month ago and he’s only just started to do it...
  9. M

    Boars Not Getting Along

    I have 2 10-11 month old boars Mulder and Scully and they are not getting along. I have had them since they were 4 months old, even at that age it was clear Scully was the dominant pig, and I assumed most of their behaviour was harmless. Scully chases Mulder, Mulder is grumpy and rumbles a lot...
  10. B

    New baby pig meets BOSS pig

    Hi, first time posting on the forum. me and my partner had our first guinea pigs around a year and a half ago called luna and memphis. sadly memphis passed away due to health complications that left us both heart broken. memphis was always the boss, sat on the hay pile and wouldnt take any crap...
  11. P

    Rescued boys

    Hello everyone I have recently rescued two boars and I'm doing the typical new (piggy) mum thing of worrying about everything! I have had them just under a week, the larger male Jerry has calmed down a lot but still displays his dominance at every opportunity despite Ben being submissive. I have...
  12. Helena001

    Is it still normal dominance fighting?

    Hello, so, I got a new guinea pig yesterday to get a new companion for my other guinea pig, whose previous companion died recently. Both of them are female, used to humans and around 4 years old. I set up an extra area for them to meet and get to know each other, put multiple hideouts and food...
  13. E

    Constant Butt Grooming/Licking/Nipping?

    I have three female guinea pigs. One of them has recently developed a very annoying habit. She chases after the other two and seems to be grooming and nipping at their butts. They hate it and cry out while trying to run away. What could this be and how can I stop it? I tried to research it and...
  14. Elizadriksne

    Introduced a baby guinea pig to older one

    I've had a male guinea pig for 4 years now, been alone all this time but recently decided to get another one for company as I'm pregnant and won't have as much time to play with him anymore. I got a male baby guinea pig. When introducing them the older one constantly chases the baby one, licking...
  15. P

    Female Dominance or Bullying?

    Two months ago, I rescued two female guinea pigs from a friend whose family found them in their wood pile. They came in a pet store cage with one single-entrance hideaway. That’s when I noticed Binx (presumably the older one) showing dominance towards Buffy by not letting her into/out of the...
  16. M

    Dominant Females

    A few months ago I got my two year old female Guinea pig, Macy, a companion. I got a 2 month old female, Penelope. Penelope was naturally submissive to Macy and was actually only comfortable when with Macy. Penelope is still extremely dependent on Macy (she doesn’t like to move too much if she...
  17. T

    Three Baby Sows(possible Bullying)

    Hi everyone. I’m new to this so I’m just going to explain my situation. I recently got three baby sows. Two are blood sisters but all three grew up together(the one only being a week or so apart). I read the article on establishing dominance because I felt like that was my situation. However...
  18. A

    2 Male Guinea Pigs, 1 New Male! Help!

    Hey! So me & my girlfriend rescued a guinea pig last year from a local SPCA. (His name is Felix). He was only 2 months old, and about a month after getting him we decided to get another. So we got Hammy, a 3 month old. We followed every step to introduce them, and only after a couple of days of...
  19. J

    Bonded Boars Suddenly Fighting

    Hi :D I'm new to the forum but writing in desperation in the hope someone can help us out as our past herd was a group of females and have never experienced this before! Little back story, around one year ago we adopted a pair of bonded boars Dan and Darwin (brothers), who were at the time...
  20. kikidee

    Help A Piggy Mama Out: Bonded Boars Suddenly Hate Each Other.

    I have two boys- Max and Maverick. I've had them for about 6 mos and they have always squabbled and done the whole dominance thing, but they never seriously fought. As an example, they would have (what I call) chatter fights where they get angry and circle each other but they never actually...