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  1. P

    Rescued boys

    Hello everyone I have recently rescued two boars and I'm doing the typical new (piggy) mum thing of worrying about everything! I have had them just under a week, the larger male Jerry has calmed down a lot but still displays his dominance at every opportunity despite Ben being submissive. I have...
  2. Helena001

    Is it still normal dominance fighting?

    Hello, so, I got a new guinea pig yesterday to get a new companion for my other guinea pig, whose previous companion died recently. Both of them are female, used to humans and around 4 years old. I set up an extra area for them to meet and get to know each other, put multiple hideouts and food...
  3. E

    Constant Butt Grooming/Licking/Nipping?

    I have three female guinea pigs. One of them has recently developed a very annoying habit. She chases after the other two and seems to be grooming and nipping at their butts. They hate it and cry out while trying to run away. What could this be and how can I stop it? I tried to research it and...
  4. Elizadriksne

    Introduced a baby guinea pig to older one

    I've had a male guinea pig for 4 years now, been alone all this time but recently decided to get another one for company as I'm pregnant and won't have as much time to play with him anymore. I got a male baby guinea pig. When introducing them the older one constantly chases the baby one, licking...
  5. P

    Female Dominance or Bullying?

    Two months ago, I rescued two female guinea pigs from a friend whose family found them in their wood pile. They came in a pet store cage with one single-entrance hideaway. That’s when I noticed Binx (presumably the older one) showing dominance towards Buffy by not letting her into/out of the...
  6. M

    Dominant Females

    A few months ago I got my two year old female Guinea pig, Macy, a companion. I got a 2 month old female, Penelope. Penelope was naturally submissive to Macy and was actually only comfortable when with Macy. Penelope is still extremely dependent on Macy (she doesn’t like to move too much if she...
  7. T

    Three Baby Sows(possible Bullying)

    Hi everyone. I’m new to this so I’m just going to explain my situation. I recently got three baby sows. Two are blood sisters but all three grew up together(the one only being a week or so apart). I read the article on establishing dominance because I felt like that was my situation. However...
  8. A

    2 Male Guinea Pigs, 1 New Male! Help!

    Hey! So me & my girlfriend rescued a guinea pig last year from a local SPCA. (His name is Felix). He was only 2 months old, and about a month after getting him we decided to get another. So we got Hammy, a 3 month old. We followed every step to introduce them, and only after a couple of days of...
  9. J

    Bonded Boars Suddenly Fighting

    Hi :D I'm new to the forum but writing in desperation in the hope someone can help us out as our past herd was a group of females and have never experienced this before! Little back story, around one year ago we adopted a pair of bonded boars Dan and Darwin (brothers), who were at the time...
  10. kikidee

    Help A Piggy Mama Out: Bonded Boars Suddenly Hate Each Other.

    I have two boys- Max and Maverick. I've had them for about 6 mos and they have always squabbled and done the whole dominance thing, but they never seriously fought. As an example, they would have (what I call) chatter fights where they get angry and circle each other but they never actually...
  11. winniethepooh

    How Long Does Dominance Last?

    Yesterday I put my two boars in a bigger cage that is 2 x 6 grids. They are doing the usual stuff, teeth chattering, rumble-strutting and mounting. How long does this dominance usually last?
  12. B

    Constant Mounting! Is This Normal?

    My 2.5 year old boar Harry is recently bereaved so I got him a new male friend, Tufty, who the lady at the adoption centre reckoned is about 1.5- 2 years old. I did the introductions 2 weeks ago and after Tufty spent a full evening showing his dominance by mounting Harry incessantly, they...
  13. Sam Kitcher

    Guinea Pig Boars Fighting Over Dominance

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post on the forums and I have a problem as well as a question that I cannot find an answer to anywhere. I have four guinea pigs and they are all males. My friend (the owner of my pigs' parent pigs) assured me that they should get on fine as they are all brothers...
  14. M

    Aggressive Female + Shy Female

    I have had a female guinea pig named Macy for nearly two years, I got her by herself because my parents only let me get one at the time. Recently I got a baby guinea pig (female as well) and she is only two months. I was expecting it to be a bit difficult with Macy as she's been alone for so...
  15. F

    Nipping Behaviors

    Hello, I recently introduced a male skinny pig (Ron, ~2 months old) to a slightly older male guinea pig (Abby, ~4 months old) and so far they seem to be getting along. Ron is quite submissive and Abby is very dominant so its a pretty good pairing, I think. The only thing I'm concerned with is...
  16. Newpiggiemom

    New Piggie Mom, Help Please

    Hi everyone, I stumbled across this site after my endless google searching and I’m glad I can finally just share my own story. Let me start from the beginning. I’ve wanted pigs all my life and now I’m in my 20’s and finally got my dream! About 3 months ago I got two male pigs (from the same...
  17. Gemm

    Bullying? Please Help

    Hi I have three sows who are 3.5 years old and have been together all their lives. However over time I have noticed the most submissive pig spends more and more of her time in a hidey, 50% of the the time when the other two come near her she unhappy/stress squeaks, one of the more dominant pigs...

    Bonding A Sow Trio With A Sow Pair

    Hello, I am still quite new to the world of guinea pigs - we got our pair of sows in November last year and we were given a sow trio just over 2 weeks ago. They have been living in separate hutches where they can see each other in our heated garage. I tried introducing them to each other today...

    Bonding A Sow Trio With A Sow Pair

    Hello, I am still quite new to the world of guinea pigs - we got our pair of sows in November last year and we were given a sow trio just over 2 weeks ago. They have been living in separate hutches where they can see each other in our heated garage. I tried introducing them to each other today...
  20. Pigsneedlovetoo

    Rumblestrutting By Himself?!

    My dominant piggy, Jack, ran up the ramp to the loft last night and started rumblestrutting and vigorously rubbing his whole face in the fleece while his back end was popcorning...I've never seen this before. Any ideas about why? It was very strange.