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drinking water

  1. L

    Guinea Pig losing weight & drinking excessively

    Hi everyone. I have a 2yr old male Guinea Pig that seems to be suddenly very thin. He had a voracious appetite from the time we adopted him when he was 4 months old. I suspect kidney issues because he has always urinated much more frequently than our other Guinea Pig and has been consuming an...
  2. ashleemelda

    Changes in Poop / Drinking Habits

    I am beginning to worry about my two guinea pigs' poop. For the last several days, both of their droppings have been lighter in color and very dry (PICTURE ATTACHED BELOW) even immediately after they go to the bathroom. Additionally, while there has been a significant amount of poop in the cage...
  3. PeggyandNancy

    New Baby Guineas Not Drinking Water

    Hi everyone I've had two new piggies (about 9 weeks old) for a week now and they don't appear to be drinking water. I've tried giving them a bowl but they just throw stuff in it (including poops) and even changing that every chance I could didn't seem to help. I've given them as watery...
  4. katiejanerevill

    Drinking Issues

    Hi everyone, not sure if this thread is in the right section or not, sorry if it's not! I got a new piggie on Sunday, (it's now Tuesdayn) my piggie is very shy and timid, the previous owner said he was extremely friendly and likes to bury himself, at the minute he barely comes out of his...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Bottled Water Or Boiled?

    Long story short Scottish Water burst some pipes near my house and now our tap water is cloudy and not really suitable for drinking, especially for the piggies. Would I be okay to boil the water in the kettle and give it to them once it's cool or would bottled water be better? But then isn't...
  6. Beans&Toast

    Tap Water For Pigs?

    Okay I have 2 sows, Beans and Toast. And I've always given them tap water to drink. I've had pigs before and I gave them tap water too. I've never had any issues with this and they drink it fine. But recently I've seen a lot of people saying that they only give there pigs bottled water, or...
  7. Sophieismyguineapig

    Losing Weight, Plus Other Things?

    My six year old agouti, Sophie has been losing quite a bit of weight. I haven't properly weighed her, but her spine is showing and she's not as chubby as she once was. She's eating great, but she stays at her bottle almost constantly. She's also quite recently started with soft stool. The lady I...