1. M

    Dying guinea pig, don't know what to do?

    I had one of my guinea-pigs die last year at 7 years old. My current one panda was going on really strong and really enjoying life until the last couple days, he was still happy and interested in everything but I could tell he was losing his balance and starting to fall over. This morning I woke...
  2. M

    What to do with my poorly pig?

    Hi all, I have a Guinea pig, who lives alone (don’t come for me. He used to have a partner who died last year and have tried to bond numerous times with the help of Guinea pig sanctuaries etc but no luck). He’s 6 next month and has been a fairly healthy pig. He has been loosing weight so he has...
  3. M

    Liver Problem

    Please help me out guys , so my guinea pig is 5 years old , recently i noticed that she has lost a lot of weight , i could feel all her bones . I took her to the vet and he told me she had problems with liver (hepatomegalia and cirrhosis ) , also some gas because of veggies i gave to her. Low...
  4. A

    HELP! Sick/Dying Guinea

    So any advice would be extremely helpful. My guinea's health has deteriorated within the last 24 hours. I'm taking her to the vet in the morning but now I'm wondering if it's best to let nature run its course here at home. Without stressing her with a car ride. She's eating and drinking still, a...
  5. A


    I have two guinea pigs, Edmund and Messi. I took Edmund and Messi to the vet to get a check up as Edmund looked to have an eye infection of sort. The vet said Messi's skin was a bit dry so recommended lice treatment (cream on back) in case there was any parasite. I said no if he didnt have any...
  6. ChubbyCarrots


    I think my piggie is dying! He keeps opening and closing his mouth, he can’t move at all, he can’t eat or drink and THE VETS CANT DO ANYTHING PLEASE HELP ME BUDDY IS MY LIFE AND I LOVE HIM
  7. PiggiesAndPaws

    Guinea Pig 3rd Severe Stroke - Please Help!

    Hi there, my guinea pig has been having strokes since September and I really have no idea what to do! I can’t take him to the vets because they’re all closed, he’s paralysed and can only move his front two paws slightly, he’s still pooping but he looks like he’s dead. I know that he’s still...
  8. Bobby j

    Any Suggestions?

    Hello we are new to caring for Guinea pigs, we bought two at Easter and lost one about 1 month ago... No idea why, we came home and he was lifeless, took him straight to the vet but he died on the way. We sought advice from 3 or 4 pet shops and were advised to by another pair... They integrated...
  9. J

    What Is Doodles Dying Of? What Can I Do? If I Can't Do Anything, How Can I Help Her Pass Peacefully?

    My guinea pig, Doodles, is dying. I am by no means an expert, but I take care of her and she gets all the things she needs. She is 7 years old, and I'm 90% sure that's the culprit. However, if it isn't, and there's something I can do, I want to do everything I can to make her life longer. If I...
  10. G

    My Darling

    Sadly when i came home from a holiday today, my darling guinea pig who was very loved was in a bad state, she couldn't walk, she cant make those little noises she did when i stoked her and she overall looked exhausted. I took her to the vets asap and they gave me a few options, i couldnt bare...
  11. PiggieNinja

    Please Help! Head Tilt!

    This morning i noticed that Willow my 1 year old guinea pig has got a head tilt. I assume it is an ear infection but it could be worse. Today being sunday it would cost me £150+ to go to the vets (which i am obviously reluctant to do) evidently I will take her to the vets tomorrow but I'm so...
  12. Monty the Grey

    Not Malocclusion But Refusing To Eat, Dropping Food, Drooling And Diarrhea

    Hi, my girlfriend and I are rather desperate with our 2.5-year-old Monty, who's been feeling unwell for the past 2-3 months. Right now he's only eating very little (having lost almost 100g in the past week), we have to force-feed him instant hay (RodiCare) and hand-feed him vegetables and fruit...
  13. L

    My Guinea Is Sick Or Maybe Dying :(

    Hi, my guinea pig is getting on a bit now at about 4/5 years old, I'm worried she's sick or dying as she isn't her normal squeaky self, she has tried to eat but didn't manage to eat much. She has drunk a bit of water too. I put her on the floor and she did have a bit of a run around but no where...