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eating and losing weight

  1. Danielle Smith

    Low blood pressure in guinea pigs?

    Skip to *bold* to read about my current issue. Here's some backstory in case it helps. I have a 20 month old neutered boar, Flash. Until a couple of weeks ago he lived with his brother Quint. They were (and still are) the happiest and laziest pigs I have ever seen; literally no dominance...
  2. AdamFrench

    Multiple Sow Issues

    We are having no luck at the moment. Tao was taken into the vets for a repeat white bum. She had 10 days on Baytril and the symptoms would not remain away. An x-ray showed she had a thickened uterus wall. So another 28 day course, double dose, was prescribed. She stopped eating so the...
  3. Bethika

    Completely Confused, Poorly Piggy?

    Hey all. So I posted about my little Daisy making wheezing noises a few weeks ago. It seems it was behavioural after all and she's stopped. She now seems to have lost weight, bony spine etc. We're weighing her. She's been pulling fur our a little from her tummy and I'm worried now she might...
  4. FluffyB

    Hyperthyroidism In Guinea Pigs

    Hello all, I have been referring to your forum for information and advice while trying to care for my guinea pigs; one of which died Friday morning. I want to share the medical info so that hopefully it can help someone else, who may be searching these boards for help and answers. Fuff was 5...