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  1. L

    PLEASE HELP! Sick piggie

    Hi. I’ve had my guinea pig for around a year and a half now, and I’m starting to get worried about him. He’s had bumblefoot all his life, and I’ve treated it so many times. He’s been on antibiotics three times, as well as home treatments. It didn’t go away this time. He’s also lost some weight...
  2. G

    Guineapig with maloclussion

    My guineapig is 6 years old, around last March I noticed he wasn’t eating and took him to the vet. The vet told me his teeth have been growing at such a fast pace and will need to get them trimmed about every 2-3 months which I was fine with. (It’s about $200 every time). Last month I took him...
  3. V

    At this point, are painkillers still worth it?

    My guinea pig has unfortunately developed some sort of tumour on her bum that is steadily increasing in size :( The vet estimates that she has approximately one more month to live. She then proceeded to tell me that the tumour does not really seem to be bothering her at all - in other words, it...
  4. SDRB_TP

    Eye Issue (heterotopic Bone) And Euthanasia

    Hi and thank you for clicking on my thread, Well firstly I’d briefly like to say I used this forum obsessively when I first got my piggies 6 and a half years ago and was such a great help to me learning - and I am back with a plea for advice. I’m left with my final piggie now, who is 7 in a...
  5. Jennybug89

    Random Kitty And Euthanasia Question

    So this happened a few years ago but as I'm new to this thread I just thought I'd ask your opinions. I used to have three cats when I lived at home, Midnight, Buffy and Jack. Buffy was a beautiful long hair ginger and white cat. He had health problems from the get go. Nothing as bad as the rest...
  6. Strawb

    Post Op

    Hey guys, I'm absolutely devastated my baby boy Sonic passed away early hours after an intense two weeks. Just for peace of mind has anyone had previous experience where their pig hasn't recovered from an op? After reading threads online I feel like more could have been done to avoid this...
  7. Brandy

    Ownership Ethics

    I'm really struggling this week. Recently I had to put one of my sweet piggies to sleep due to a dental abscess to where I couldn't afford the procedure to fix it. It was a tough decision with a lot of areas to consider and ultimately it was the best option. During these tough times, my mind is...
  8. AdamFrench

    Now Only One Piggie :(:(:(

    Hi We had floor-time last night the girls were happy and playing. This morning I woke up to give them their morning clean and the smallest one was sitting hunched up with no interest in running away from the dustpan and brush as normal. I picked her up without any movement and her breaths were...
  9. PiggyRuss

    Coping With Piggy Loss

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all well. I have just signed up to this forum so I can speak with other piggy lovers and share experiences and get advice. My wife and I have kept two lovely Guinea Pigs, Cairo and Caesar, since we moved in together nearly 8 years ago. They have always lived in the...
  10. U

    How Do I Know When It's Time?

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting so sorry to start this off on a sad note. I have an 8 year old guinea pig named Piggy and she's recently started having some serious health issues. I noticed last week that she suddenly lost use of her back legs and shes also having issues with one...
  11. Molly Isabella

    Urgent: Advice On Sick Piggy With Bladder Sludge. (euthanasia?)

    (I'm from the United Kingdom) Hi guys. My piggie Oreo is just about 3 years of age. She's always had some health issues and has just been genuinely unlucky. A few months ago she had an operation for an abscess on the side of her stomach. That went successfully and she recovered. For the last...