1. B

    considering cage upgrade

    hi! currently i have my two baby girls in a 2x4 C&C cage with the solid plastic panels. i had to rearrange to fit this cage into my bedroom, but later this week i’m downsizing my (king) bed to a loft bed, so i will have a ton more room. i’m planning to expand their cage so they can have optimal...
  2. DaveyCavy

    How best to expand a C&C cage for maximal piggy happiness

    Hello fellow cavy slaves! I recently adopted three girls - Edith (5 yo), Mabel (2 yo), and Lola (2 yo) - and they're settling in well. They are not from the same litter and are not strongly bonded, but they coexist in relative peace, although Mabel occasionally bullies Lola. I've been hoping to...
  3. Siikibam


    I knew I would need a larger cage so I went and bought another (100) ferplast to expand the boys' home. They seem to like it, I heard them running around just now and there was a bit of popcorning earlier on. I used the wood hide as a bridge but Toffee seemed to miss the point (Fudge had...