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eye removal

  1. G

    Advice on eye removal

    Hi, looking for advice (I'm Based in UK). I've been guinea pig owner for a while no but never had eye issue with my piggies before. I've took my piggy to the vets on Monday. Where we were given eye drops and pain relief. It's been five days now. Took him back for a follow up appointment. Where I...
  2. Elias

    Eye Removal Question

    My guinea pig is about 8 years old and has a white spot in his eye that I have just noticed. I have took him to the adoption center I got him from, and they informed me that it was definitely not cataracts. It could possibly be a build of up fat (he is a bit chubby), something could be stuck in...
  3. Morgie16

    Guinea pig eye removal surgery

    We noticed a lump next to the eye on our 3 year old female guinea pig. They are thinking it is an abscess. They did x-rays to confirm that it was not due to anything dental/teeth related. Right now she is on terramycin, orbax, meloxicam and artificial tears. She is unable to lubricate the eye...
  4. G

    Post eye removal swelling

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here, so hello! My little man Herbie had to have an eye removed about three weeks ago, which went well. Since then, the no-eye side of his head and jaw have swollen up a good bit. It doesn’t seem to be hurting him, and it doesn’t hurt him when I touch it...
  5. Morticia

    Eye Infection And Removal :(

    Good afternoon everyone, Yesterday and this morning I took my 4 year old guinea pig, Luna, to the vet because her right eye is so swollen and red and it looks so much bigger than the left one, both vets said she'll probably have to have her eye removed. This morning they took some X-rays and...
  6. H

    Please Help Guinea Pig Really Sick With Eye Ulcer/removal

    PLEASE HELP AND ADVISE URGENT! My piggie Wilma is 6 years old and has never had any major health problems. 2 weeks ago I noticed her eye was looking sore - protruding and buldging out exposing the white muscle at the bottom of her eye, she also couldn't blink but seemed fine in herself, this...