1. AlvieOB

    What food can piggies eat every day?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know what food is best for feeding guineas every day as treats, as well as their veg bowl? I’ve heated lettuce is only able to be fed 4 times a week. Thanks, Alvie
  2. rinlalin

    General Questions!

    hello all! i just had a few questions about caring for my new piggie. 1) should i change the food pellets every day? i've heard some people say yes and some say no, but that would mean i'd be throwing away so much food. shouldn't i just wait until the bowl is almost empty? 2) same as above...
  3. Alssa

    Is This A Good Thing?

    I’ve had my new baby piggy for almost a week and I want to know if what she’s doing is normal or good. Whenever I take her out for floor time or to just hang out, she likes to crawl up my chest perch on my shoulder like a little parrot. She also likes to climb into and up my sleeves and gets...
  4. Koko

    Grass Help!

    heya! My boyfriends mum picked a bucket of grass for our piggies and she got it from her friends farm. Can guinea pigs eat any type of grass? will the grass from the farm be okay for them to eat? Is anyone able to identify the type of grass this is? It is a little fuzzy on the stems too -...
  5. Siikibam


    I've been noting down what I feed the boys since they arrived. Now I'm wanting a little help! This is a snippet of what I fed them last week and this one. I want to plan ahead, would make my life easier. They get cucumber, coriander, celery and pepper every day. I then add veg - parsnip...
  6. E

    My Pig Loves Critical Care Problem

    So, my elderly piggie has had some issues with weight lose that we are dealing well with but the issue now is that she LOVES her oxbow critical care! I had been only supplimenting with it while she ate her fresh veggies. It seemed to stimulate her appetite. She would literally eat it right...
  7. Medina

    Veggie Troubles! Need Help To Replace Some Things...

    Hello! I'm still new here so please be patient and pardon any ignorance hahaha So I adopted this super cute piggie from a rough situation. His whole life, he's eaten only one handful of timothy hay and half a carrot daily - that's it! I'm not sure how old he is, so I don't know how long he's...
  8. Bella123

    Is There An Easier Way Of Syringing Meds To Guinea Pig?

    Hi, I'm having great trouble syringe feeding Fifi the metacam she was prescribed. Yesterday I did try on my lap but that was a huge mistake and ended up wasting a lot of the metacam in the syringe (not the bottle) I do have some 1ml syringes now so that is not a problem. I have read a thread...
  9. Aliceandbuddy

    What Are Your Schedules? Advice

    Hello, I have a 5 month old guinea pig. He's the only one so doesn't have to fight for food or anything (rescued him and he is used to being alone- although he loves snuggles with the dog) and I asked the vet what his feeding schedule should be and he said to make sure he has veg, hay and guinea...
  10. Celine298

    Fresh Grass

    Having grown up on a farm here in Ireland, I know more about grass than most cows do! All the piggy owners in Ireland and England will be delighted to know that the "fresh growth" has started! You can give your pigs grass from a safe garden/field any time of the year really, but it tastes...
  11. Chancey

    Oxbow Pellets

    Hi there! I was wondering if it's possible to give the adult pellets to those younger than six months? Or if I had to feed them the young ones? I have five piggies (a group of three and a pair) that I hope to introduce soon. The group of three are almost 4 months - though they were unsure of...
  12. Magician

    Grass Questions

    When feeding pigs grass does it count as part of their daily hay portion or as part of their greens ration? Is grass that has frost on it, but is now completely defrosted, okay? Is grass from horses' fields okay? (We do regularly worm our horses, but dogs can get sick from eating horse poo...
  13. Chancey

    Showing No Interest In Most Veggies...

    Hi there, A week ago my partner and I were lucky to bring home three little piggies - Daisy, Clover and Poppy - all of which are around the eleven week old mark. Yesterday we had to take them to the vet, as they've been sneezing and coughing (as well as scratching a lot) and he said all of...
  14. bumbling-bambi

    Favourite Pellet Foods?

    So I'm in the market to potentially change the pellet food that my boys are getting at the moment because what they are on currently seems to be putting weight on them very quickly! I don't want pudgy pigs! Can anyone recommend me some good foods to try out - i prefer to give them the selective...
  15. echowhisper

    New Guinea Pig Lost Weight

    I recently got two new guinea pigs, one has lost 115g in 3 weeks. When he came he weighed 965g and he now weighs 861g. I am feeding them a cup each of veggies a day (1 cup between them in the morning and one in the evening), a quarter of a cup of pellets and unlimited amount of hay. They are...
  16. Danielle Smith

    How Soft Does Hay Have To Be In Order To Be Used For Bedding?

    I just received 9.5kg of Ings from Hay For Pets. It looks and smells amazing (... the quality caused the postman to stop and have a 5-minute chat about hay :))). The pigs love it, a handful got half hoovered up in 5 minutes. However, it's not that soft, as it has some quite stalky bits in. Is it...
  17. gjbz

    What Are The Best Pellets/food To Feed Guinea Pigs?

    I plan on getting Guinea pigs sometime next year and I want to reaserch them a lot before I get them but I want to know What are the best pellets/food to feed Guinea Pigs? Like do I feed them Oxbo or Carefresh or what? xoxo Kaitlyn
  18. NoodlesRosemary

    Can I Leave My Guinea Pig Alone For Two Days?

    I am going to be gone for less than 48 hours, so I was wondering if I need to hire someone to watch my piggy. Ideally I would like to give my piggy two days worth of pellets, lots of hay, and a full bottle of water. Instead of having someone come over and feed her once. I would like to know if I...
  19. kitkat1

    How Much To Feed?

    So I am currently feeding 6 teaspoons of pellets daily to my piggies, but am I supposed to be feeding them each 6 teaspoons? They always seem very hungry when I go to feed them.XD
  20. DonPigul

    Guinea Pig Eating Watermelon

    Hello :) My cute guinea pig is eating watermelon :)