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My Pig Loves Critical Care Problem


Junior Guinea Pig
Jun 10, 2017
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Southern USA
So, my elderly piggie has had some issues with weight lose that we are dealing well with but the issue now is that she LOVES her oxbow critical care! I had been only supplimenting with it while she ate her fresh veggies. It seemed to stimulate her appetite. She would literally eat it right out of a spoon. Now I've been trying to cut it back and she's mad! This morning i just gave her her fresh veggies with no critical care and she would sniff around for it then chatter at me then eat a little, then look for it then chatter at me then eat a little, she's very opinionated! Anyway, my basic question is-is it okay to feed her some every day even if she is doing well because she likes it?


Be careful not to pander too much to her as not having hard foods can cause teeth issues.

You could give her a tiny bit as a treat. Maybe mix it up so it's more of a thicker paste so she needs to chew it more.

I'd try to limit it but also keep weighing her regularly to make sure she's eating enough.


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Jun 4, 2011
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North Yorkshire
It is a balancing act, you don't want to fill her up so she doesn't eat hay but if it stimulates her appetite then that is a good thing at her age. Obviously every pig is different but I have an older poorly pig and he has had a top up bed time syringe feed everynight for the last 7 months - everything else is going wrong with him but his teeth are actually fine. as mentioned above I make it to a thicker paste so some chewing is involved and he does eat hay in the day. I offer him 'posh' hay as well at different points in the day to remind him to eat more hay too. Sounds like she is very clear that she thinks it is a good idea!