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  1. P

    Ferplast sippy bottle warning

    I've just bought a ferplast sippy bottle from Amazon. It has a warning cancer and reproductive harm label on it?! I'm now thinking I shouldn't use it?
  2. Fluffy.Munsters

    Temporary housing of two piggies in a 140x60cm cage: how to maximize space

    Hi all, I hope you can help me. For some problems that I hope to be very temporary I have to move my two piggies Loki & Houdini in a Ferplast cage like this one, without the mezzanine and without the internal division so the available space is 140cm x 60cm (55" x 23"). How can I maxmimize the...
  3. Isabela

    Ferplast Bottle

    Hello. Does anyone have any experience with this water bottle? I recently bought it for my piggies and they are just ignoring it. Did anyone else have the same problem?
  4. K

    I Have No Idea What Cage To Upgrade To

  5. Siikibam


    I knew I would need a larger cage so I went and bought another (100) ferplast to expand the boys' home. They seem to like it, I heard them running around just now and there was a bit of popcorning earlier on. I used the wood hide as a bridge but Toffee seemed to miss the point (Fudge had...
  6. R

    Indoor Cage Confusion... What To Buy?

    Hi Everyone, first of all I am new to the site so sorry if I am re-hashing any old posts. For Christmas my partner surprised me with 2 adorable female piggies who are now around 5 months old. They came with a Ferplast 80 which they are quickly getting to big for. I have spent hours looking at...