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fight boars

  1. KpiggieK

    injury- help (should I take to the vet?)

    for the past couple of weeks, I've been introducing my new Skinny boy (few months old) to my one year old guinea pig. They've been housed separately but because they had previously been doing so well, I was actually considering housing them together in the next few weeks... That is until...
  2. C

    Does my male guinea pig living on his own need a companion?

    Hello everyone😁 In January 2018 I adopted 3 male guinea pigs from pets at home, I was told they did get on and that Waffle was the most dominant guinea pig and in the first few days some fights may go on as they settle into their new home. So I brought them home (they have a very large cage)...
  3. kikidee

    Help A Piggy Mama Out: Bonded Boars Suddenly Hate Each Other.

    I have two boys- Max and Maverick. I've had them for about 6 mos and they have always squabbled and done the whole dominance thing, but they never seriously fought. As an example, they would have (what I call) chatter fights where they get angry and circle each other but they never actually...
  4. S

    Urgent, Please Help! Territorial Cavies

    Hi! So, I have two Guinea Pigs names Squanch and Jerry, but I seem to have some behavioral problems and in desperate need to understand what’s happening with them. I have had Squanch since the ending of October to now (January 30). I have had Jerry about a week into December (I got him because...
  5. JoannaMarie

    Two Frightened Pigs... What Can I Do To Help?

    I have two boars (Alan and Monty) who can not live together as they fight. I have one cage and when one is in the cage the other is out 'free range' in the living room. I swap them over twice a day so they each have 12 hours free time to run round the living room whilst the other one's in the...
  6. walnutandpeanut


    My two boars have been constantly fighting and the one who starts the fighting is my obedient pig. My mom has separated them but we don't know why they are constantly fighting. the fighting has started out of the nowhere
  7. 2Pigs2Many

    Boar Conflict.

    Hey guys! I've been under some great stress over my 2 babies and I need your opinion/help. Please bare with me, this will be long but I wanted to give as much information as I could to get better help. I got the brothers, Smores and Teddy, when they were just babies, now they are a little...
  8. P

    11 Month Old Boars Fighting Phase - Advice Needed

    Hello everyone, Newbie here! My 2 boars, Grumps and Fluff, are going through a bit of a difficult time at the moment. About 2 months ago they went through what I think was their teenage hormonal stage. They were rumbling, chattering their teeth and had a few scuffles but nothing too serious...
  9. P

    Two Boards Fighting (blood Drawn) And Humping?

    I have two boars, one is 8 months and the other one 7 months. They have always been living together since birth. Prince has always been more dominant but also very protective of vladimir (who is the youngest). If we take vladimir out of the cage, prince will always check he is ok when he comes...