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  1. Dystopoly

    Versele-Laga/Selective Naturals Brand?

    Does anyone have any experience with this food/know if it’s any good? It’s new in my local pet store and looks really interesting!
  2. J

    pig ate some fern

    i could not find much on any website about pigs and ferns - i left my pig out with my girlfriend and told her to watch him and when i came back in about 5 minutes later i found he was eating the fern. she did not know this was not okay so that's not her fault, but still, we cannot gauge how much...
  3. Rebeka


    Hi I've just gone to see my 2 girls and there food bowl is empty think they finished it within the last hour/hour and half I went to to box that I keep there food and it's empty one of my daughters must have put the last in there bowl and forgot to tell me and at it is 11.55pm here where I am...
  4. Guptheguineapig

    Homemade Hay "Critical Care"

    Can I soak Timothy Hay in water and then blend that mix up in a blender with a little apple sauce or pellets for my guinea pig? The Critical Care is causing her poops to soften. The last thing we need is diarrhea.
  5. G

    Good starter veggies!

    Hi! I have two boars (Patches and Carmal). They recently went to the vet where they got prescribed some medicine for their soft stool. The medicine is to be administered twice daily for ten days. They do not like it but will behave long enough for me to syringe feed it to them. I did the first...
  6. W

    Frozen Vegetables

    It’s the summer, and it’s incredibly hot both outside and inside my house. I noticed my guinea pigs are most likely feeling the heat, and I want to help them cool down, I was wandering if I can freeze raw carrots and give it to them as a cool treat. I don’t know if it would be good for them to...
  7. Brackenwolf1

    My Guinea pig has lost weight

    Hi I have a group of 3 13 week old male guinea pigs and I have one that the vet has confirmed is the runt. I weighed the boys last night a rolo (the runt) has lost weight and is now only 389g where as his brothers are around 500g. I hand feed rolo his veg but I was wondering what I could feed...
  8. Munching Maniac

    What’s a good routine for two boars in summer

    Is anyone willing to share their routines with me so I can create one myself. I have two healthy boars!
  9. G

    Amount of Veggies+Pellets

    Hi. I have two boars (Patches and Carmal.) On this forum, they say 1 cup of veggies per pig. Does that mean if you have a pair you give them 2 cups. Same with pellets. Instead of 1/8 would you feed 1/4. Or if it was 1/4 would you feed 1/2? Also do you feed 1/8 pellets per pig or 1/4. Do they...
  10. G

    Picky Eater! Help!

    Hi. I have two boars. Patches (older) and Carmal (younger). Carmal is good about eating his veggies, but his favorite is green beans. Patches on the other, is a very picky eater. He will only eat green beans, and, if I’m lucky, corn. This is probably partially my fault. This is my first time...
  11. Brackenwolf1

    Changing dry food

    I have recently got a rescue guinea pig and he has come with the Gerty Guinea pig dry mix (a musli mix) He is already underweight and I have noticed that he only eats a couple of different bits of the food. Therefore I want to change it to a complete nugget. I have chosen Harrington’s and I was...
  12. The Chipmunks

    Food Bowls

    Hi, I have a very boisterous guinea pig and he used to have a china bowl in his cage for his dry food and then another for his fresh food. However, he likes to tip the bowls up (inparticular his dry food bowl) and he flips them on to each other. I was cared he would crack of break the bowl so I...
  13. pepperandrosie


    Hi, I was just wondering if you can feed guinea pigs fresh grass as I've had an idea that i can buy a mini hay rack (like a hamster sized one) to put grass in but also have a big one for the hay during the winter so when its summer they can go on the grass and eat more of it? I don't want to...
  14. ishimercado

    Can I teach my Guinea Pig to eat Hay?

    I've had my 2 Mos old Guinea pig for almost 2 Mos now and I'm still struggling with feeding her Hay. She eats pellets and Vegetables but doesn't seem to like Hay. I've tried several, Meadow, Alfalfa and Stargrass and just a couple of days ago, Timothy Hay. She seems to like Alfalfa but can't...
  15. Tinychels

    Any recommendations for hay that contains less dust?

    Hello! I've been feeding my 3 girls Oxbow Timothy Hay for all their lives. They absolutely love it I've noticed that it does contain lots of dust, especially when I get towards the bottom, I never finish the bag because of it. They sneeze every now and then due to the hay dust, so I feel...
  16. ishimercado

    Stargrass Hay and Alfalfa Hay

    Hi, I've had my Guinea pig for almost a month now. She's a month and a couple of weeks old Sheltie/Silkie sow. Not sure why she's not too keen on eating hay. This is they hay I'm giving her. It's Stargrass Hay with Alfalfa Hay. But she doesn't seem to like it that much. I'm not even sure if...
  17. ishimercado

    Stargrass Hay

    Hi, I'm a new caview daddy to a month old Silkie sow from the Philippines. I've had her for almost 2 weeks now. When I initially got her, I tried feeding her Meadow grass hay which she totally ignored, that's understandable as she didn't touch her veggies too. I assumed that she's still in the...
  18. G

    Help! My baby Guinea Pig only eats the seed pod of the hay.

    Hello people, I just got a guinea pig 4 days ago now. I think she is a baby because she is very tiny. So, I bought her Timothy grass and she only eats very little of it. I have had to dump the rest out. She will especially only eat the seed pod that looks like soft threads of hair. I don't know...
  19. LianFlower

    Do you have to bake apple branches?

    Hi everyone! We have some apple trees here in our yard and I am wondering if it's okay to give the piggies the branches right from the tree? I saw they sell apple branches in the store but I'm not sure if they bake or treat them somehow first to make them safe? Thanks!
  20. AlphaUrd13

    Is this food chart accurate?

    Hello, I have been a G piggy mommy for almost 2 months and the research never ends when it comes to my piggies' health and diet and always stumble upon new website offering a variety of info. Some tend to clash with info on other sites so I figured starting a thread here and asking for help...