1. M

    Guinea Pig Diet - Newbie Guinea Pig Owner

    Hello! We inherited a guinea pig from kids daycare. Her mate died. She is happy and healthy - we just had our first vet visit! Anyhow ---she doesn't like fresh veggies and fruit - just carrots - which I know they can only have a few times a week. She snubs everything else I put in there - but...
  2. AmandaPanda

    Please help, my guinea pig isn’t eating her hay!

    My 4 year old guinea pig is not eating her hay. I got afraid she wasn’t eating anything and then I gave her some grass as a test and she ate it. She is also still eating her veggies. So she is still eating, but I don’t want her to get used to grass or veggies since hay is better for them and...
  3. Miss_marie

    Daily Veg Confusion

    Hi 👋 I give my guinea pig Kiwi about a cup to cup and a half fruit and veg each day (as recommended by our vet) and use this chart ( ) to help me keep her foods in safe quantities. However lately I’ve been seeing so many...
  4. Jesse's pigs

    Burgess pellets

    Hi, Both my boys are fed on Burgess pellets the carrot and mint (think that’s the flavour😂 the orange bag as opposed to the purple they do). I actually feed my rabbit on the same stuff and this is the only food he eats (my boys aren’t fussed). When I had Steve at the vets about his squeaking...
  5. W

    Is this grass? Is it safe?

    We have a lot of this random grass looking stuff in our garden. I *think* it is just another type of grass but wanted to get opinions from others just to see if I am just being overly paranoid. It is difficult to capture it in photos but I did try.. see what you think. Thanks.
  6. W

    Sprouts for pigs

    I'm attempting to grow more food for my pigs (currently trying to get Carrot, celery, lettuce and fennel to grow. I'm also going to grow wheatgrass for them). I heard that sprouts in general can be really beneficial, but I don't know what types I can actually grow for the pigs. Anyone tried this...
  7. M

    Won’t eat

    Hey I went on vacation and left my guinea pig alone for the weekend. My sister came and check in on her Saturday. ( I left Friday and returned Sunday). Her food, hay, and water was untouched. When I returned she was really excited and began eating. she has lost a little weight though she seems...
  8. Guineapigmum

    Dental Help and advice needed please! Guinea pig struggling to chew/eat

    Hello all, I'm very worried about my guinea pig. I have an emergency guinea pig specialist vet appointment tomorrow morning. A couple of days ago I noticed my 3 and a half year old female guinea pig taking longer to eat than usual. She was chewing but she was taking ages to consume...
  9. Y

    Hay- replaced

    Hey, I have a question: I bought 2 pounds of hay two weeks ago and put them in a cage. There was plenty more left of him. The question is, should it be replaced, or can it be left to them? Thanks
  10. Hannahb2804

    Food for the week

    I’ve written out a menu for the week which alternates in veggies and I just wondered if someone could check it and make sure it’s ok. There’s a forum on Facebook which I mentioned in an earlier thread and they said lettuce is bad for piggies and I’ve noticed today they’re telling people it...
  11. O

    Nighttime cage necessary?

    Hi all, we’re new to Guinea Pig ownership and having put our girls in an outdoor hutch we have decided to move them back indoors permanently. I have ordered a C&C open top cage but wondered about nighttime, should I put them in a closable cage then? Will their food attract mice into the house? I...
  12. Y


    does this hay is OK?
  13. Y

    Choose food

    Hay everyone, Hello everyone, I got two 2-month-old guinea pigs. I have two types of food: What to feed them? Thanks
  14. wheek!guinea

    Feedback on my daily veggie chart?

    Do you mind sharing pictures of what you feed your piggies daily, even if you have them in chart? :luv: Down below is what I've planned out, please let me know if I need to modify or if you have any suggestions please. :) side note: it says Glacier's Daily Meal but need to switch it to Glacier...
  15. C


    I grew some of my own marigolds in a garden I made for them! I was wondering if they can just eat the flower or the whole plant?
  16. Hannahb2804

    Veggies to eat daily

    Hi wondered if someone could help me, I’m creating a list of what my piggies can eat during the week and writing out when they rotate and change etc, and I wanted to know what leafy greens that can be given? I was thinking romaine was okay to give a few times a week but then I saw this on a...
  17. A

    Guinea pig pellets

    Hi everyone! I'm a relatively new piggy mum and I’m just wondering how much I should feed my 2 boys? On the pellets we get, it says 35g per pig a day but they get through it very quickly, I’m talking about 4-5 hours sometimes! I’m wondering if they need a constant supply of pellets or we can...
  18. Hannahb2804

    Pea flakes

    Is it okay to give one pea flake per piggie each day of the week? Just wanted to use something to do hand feeding & bonding and I’ve seen a lot of people use pea flakes, I’ve also seen the oxbow vit c cookies, can these be fed a few times a week for a treat or only fed when needed? I’ve seen...
  19. E

    How much to give guinea pig the nuggets in grams

    Hello, just aadvice about giving nuggets to two girls about 4 months old and wasn’t sure how much to give per pig per day. It says 30g-50g per guinea pig daily. Is that sound bout right?
  20. ashleemelda

    Suddenly Stopped Eating Pellet Food

    I feed my guinea pigs Oxbow Essentials (Adult) for their pellet food, and suddenly within the past 4-5 days, they have stopped eating it - they will either eat a few or sniff their bowls once and walk away altogether. As I am normally in my room getting ready for the day while they eat (which...