1. Shaivy

    Accidentally ate a small piece of human sweet. What to do?😓😓😓😓

    Hi guys! Recently my piggie baby was having her floor time and I found out that she accidentally ate a piece or sweet which was human food. It was a small bit but i am highly concerned. I always take care of the floor’s cleanliness and I don’t know how I missed that small piece. What can I do...
  2. C

    How much hay should I buy?

    Hi, I have three piggies. I refill their hay rack whenever it starts running low and I just go buy more whenever I run out, but I figured I could probably save some time/money if I ordered hay to autoship in bulk. How much do you think 3 pigs would go through in a month?
  3. Ninarodders

    Pellet help please

    Hi, I'm new here and a new piggy owner. I got my 2 boys from someone who used to work with my husband. Einstein is around a year and Darwin is around 5 months. They came with pets at home nuggets. Now looking at the ingredients alfalfa is no 1 on the list and worried I need to switch food. I've...
  4. V

    New Guinea Pig Advice

    Hi there, I bought 2 guinea pigs a week and a half ago! They’re 8&9 weeks old. I left them in their hutch to adjust for 4-5 days, they started hand feeding on the 4th day (just through the hutch wire) and for the last couple of days I open the doors and they take food straight from my hand and...
  5. Xmolxlie

    Guinea pigs gone off their nuggets

    Hi everyone! My guinea pigs have gone off their pellets/nuggets. They currently have the pets at home complete pellets, I’ll link the ones they have here...
  6. Ozzyandjett

    My guinea pig ate some bindweed

    Hi there. One of our boys, Jett - was just enjoying some time in the garden. I noticed he was nibbling on bindweed and quickly ran over to his run to stop him, as I was unsure as to whether pigs can eat this stuff. Please can someone advise? I’m a bit worried. He seems okay for the time being...
  7. A

    My Piggie Won't Eat Veggies

    Hello! My name is Aurora and my guinea pig's name is Slipper. He refuses to eat any other vegetable than carrots, and it's rather worrying for me. What changes should I make to his diet, and what veggies do you recommend to add? What vegetables and how much of them should I give in addition to...
  8. B

    New guinea pigs taming, 3 girls.

    Hey! I’ve just joined this forum so please bear with me. I’ve recently adopted 3 little sows; they’re beautiful and the most beautiful nature but they are extremely shy [for reference they are all roughly 8 weeks old]. Whenever anyone walks into the room with their cage, they immediately hide...
  9. Cavysarah

    Guinea Pig only eating dry food

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with my guinea pig. She won't eat any food other than dry food (and pea flakes as a treat). We use Burgess nuggets with blackcurrant and Oregano. As a result she is a lot lighter than our other guinea pig (she is 600g and the other 1-1kg) but not losing...
  10. H

    Diet after bloat

    Hallo, how long diet my piggy need after bloat (no antibiotics)? which first food i may start feed her ? and how much of this food?
  11. dabel101


    Hi! Saw a post online where someone fed their gp kiwi, i was wondering if kiwi is safe for them. If so which parts can they eat and how do i prepare it for them! :)
  12. Jesse's pigs

    Mr Johnson’s Advance food

    Hi, Just wondering whether any forum users have used this food and can tell me whether it’s any good. I have my boys on the science select grain free in an attempt to help with their urinary issues. Now I plan on keeping them on this as so far it’s been pretty good. However, with Steve’s...
  13. D

    Guinea Pig advice

    Hello, I am thinking about getting a Guinea Pig. I did have guinea pigs as a kidAny answer to my questions would be very helpful. the guinea pig would be mainly an indoor pet, but when summer comes will take them outside on grass in a run (is quite a big run) is it ok to have just 1 guinea...
  14. JadeUps

    How much pellets?

    Hi! I’ve got two guinea pigs at 11 weeks old and I think I’ve been over feeding! I read that young guinea pigs should have unlimited pellets so I’ve been letting them have quite a lot. Now I’ve read that they should only have 1 tbsp per pig! They’re currently on adult food and I think they’re...
  15. Yusuf

    is supermarket hay safe?

    before I get my new piggies, I wanna do as much research as possible, so I was wondering if I should only stick to pet store hay, or if it was ok to give them hay that i bought from a supermarket In the past, when I ran out of hay that i usually gave to my bunny, I would run to tesco, asda...
  16. Piggiefriend

    New Food Ideas Needed

    Hi! I have been told my piggies need to cut down on greens like parsley, kale and celery and I’m struggerling to find different food - I’d love some suggestions about what your piggies love which aren’t green leafy veg.
  17. al34ex

    Pellet Predicament

    Hi y’all! I’m in a bit of a pellet predicament (lol). I’ve been feeding my 3 ladies Oxbow Garden Select Adult Pellets for about a month and a half now. They will all eat them (served in 3 separate bowls), but will just nibble bit by bit at them all day, rather than eating their full tablespoon...
  18. Mystic_corgi

    How much?

    My guinea pigs love their pellets, but I am scared I am over feeding them I tend to just take a 1 cup scoop and barely fill it up to cover the bottom is that too little or too much?
  19. M

    Guinea Pig Diet - Newbie Guinea Pig Owner

    Hello! We inherited a guinea pig from kids daycare. Her mate died. She is happy and healthy - we just had our first vet visit! Anyhow ---she doesn't like fresh veggies and fruit - just carrots - which I know they can only have a few times a week. She snubs everything else I put in there - but...
  20. AmandaPanda

    Please help, my guinea pig isn’t eating her hay!

    My 4 year old guinea pig is not eating her hay. I got afraid she wasn’t eating anything and then I gave her some grass as a test and she ate it. She is also still eating her veggies. So she is still eating, but I don’t want her to get used to grass or veggies since hay is better for them and...