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fungal infection

  1. E

    Guinea pig from PAH - suspect ringworm or fungal infection on ears

  2. daisyandsofi2060

    my piggy has something I think from what Ive seen is boar glue..?

    can a piggy have its iwn boar glue on its mouth (lower lip )? Ive seen it on a post and it look a little simmilar . I cant take a pic cause my piggy is moving too much but its like each “hair” on its lower lip has a little kind of white crust on it ? is it a fungal infection perhaps?
  3. Wetherill

    Planning for mites!

    Today, I saw the saddest sight at a pet store, which I was visiting for the first time. They had around 8 guinea pigs—all which, to be fair, looked to be reasonably healthy, save for one sweet boy. His ears were clearly infected by fungus, and one was entirely decomposed, and was basically just...
  4. xillreall

    Serious fungal infection?

    I've recently lost one of my beloved piggy named Butter (had 2), not sure was it due to sudden change of temperature as it had only been a month since I moved him out from the kitchen (a bit far away from stove of course) that he used to grow and live for about a year since he joined the family...
  5. C


    Hey, I'm back again lol. My little baby Pico has this weird white crust on his ear, just noticed it today. I haven't noticed him acting strangely though, and his cagemate seems fine. I'm not sure what this is and I'm not allowed to see a vet until next week, so I'm getting very anxious as to...
  6. Rat and guinea winnie

    Weird flaky skin on hairless guinea pig

    I got some hairless guinea pigs about two months ago from a seller who breeds them and one of them came with what looks like toilet paper skid marks if that makes sense on its back, I thought i wiped it off with a damp cloth but it returned one it dried but this time it was flaky I looked it up...
  7. Sazeasy

    Baby pigs with bald patches

    Hi there I rehomed 2 baby sows yesterday afternoon. 8.5 weeks. When I collected the lady said that they were born with cradle cap. She had given to Pets At Home for advice (sigh) and they advised to treat with coconut oil 3 times a day. She said it had cleared considerably since then. I have...
  8. Lizzieejoyce

    Hair loss. HELP!

    Hi everyone TL;DR - ongoing skin problem and hair loss. Been to the vets 3 times and she’s still not better, any suggestions please?! My guinea pig, Agnes, has had a skin problem since late August. Another guinea pig of mine had a fungal infection when Agnes started to lose hair so I treated...
  9. Rolo&Roxy


    Hello all, me again as no vet can get to the bottom of Roxy! They thought it was mites and gave treatment Xeno 450, nothing changed still biting skin/feet and back, I tried gorgeous guinnies lice shampoo twice, nothing has changed. I tried coconut oil on her dry skin(got a little better) I...
  10. EJ Fairweather

    Strange rash/ bald spot on boar’s back, could be mites...?

    Last night when I went to hold all my boars (I have four) Floyd had a strange scabby patch on his back with missing hair. I haven’t noticed it before now and I hold them all often. I got him and his cage mate pretty recently from a private owner, and while they will sometimes chase each other...
  11. Alicevftroy

    I have ringworm, what do I do about the pigs?

    I am a fairly new guinea pig owner* with three guinea pigs and today I found out that I have ringworm or some other kind of fungal infection on my scalp, I'm not sure what to do. I don't know whether it has come from one of the pigs - one of them did have a patch of red inflamed skin a couple of...
  12. acefebreze

    Fungal infection?

    Hey all, Is this a fungal infection? The dime-sized black spot is originally from when he was bitten by his cagemate before I adopted him, but he has since been to the vet and finished a round of antibiotics. The vet told me that I should look out for a fungal infection in the area, which is...
  13. K

    Hair loss

    Hello everyone! I am new to this app and also a New Guinea pig owner. My guineas; Ronnie and Reggie and both around 9 weeks old and have been fine so far until I noticed last week reggies fur above his eye has been falling out and today I checked up on him again and more hair has been lost! The...
  14. E

    Help! Piggy Sores? Won’t Stop Itching!

    Hello All! Just a few days ago I noticed on the left side of my pig’s nose the hair was falling out and then saw a small pea sized sore behind his left ear. Then yesterday I found 3 more sores on his chest and near his bottom. He keeps chewing at the sore on his back and is worrying me that...
  15. E

    Dry patch behind guinea pig’s ears?

    I'm not sure if it’s a fungal infection or not but my 1 year old female guinea pig has a small patch of dry scaly skin behind each ear. She has had it for a long time but I always thought it was normal. She also gets flaky ears sometimes and often has a small (but not abnormal) amount of crust...
  16. T


    Hi all, I got a guinea pig from what I thought was a reputable source, but she turned out to have quite a severe case of ringworm. I've taken her to the vet (prescribed oral antifungal meds) and have nearly finished the treatment course. I've also given her 2 baths. The ringworm is looking much...
  17. Guineapigsmcr

    Lice / hairloss / stress advice please!

    Hi all I have 2 boy guineapigs, both around 8 months old now. They moved into their new cage setup downstairs last week so I could make their enclosure bigger, I have noticed since then one of my piggies moo, has started to loose some hair around the front of one of his eyes, his other is fine...
  18. ashleemelda

    Question Re: Hay, Weight Gain Food

    Since getting my girls back in late May/early June they have always been on the petite side. I have since gotten them up to approximately 840g. After a discussion with my vet and looking at several forums on here, I began slowly introducing small amounts of dry, old-fashioned oats and grated...
  19. Carla1231

    Fungal Infection or Mites

    Hey guys, So this is Brownie, He is a 4 week old boy. His been living with me for around 2-3 days now. I adopted him from a lady that thought she had boys. From all the learning and reading i been doing from the past weeks, i see that there is something off about brownie. I thought the the...
  20. stellarosie21

    Possible Fungal Infection

    Hi Everyone, Rosie, my 4 month old pig, has had what the vet and I believed to be a fungal infection. It started on her nose and there were bald/dry/itchy spots behind her ears and inside her two back legs. I was given some topical treatments since she was too small to be treated orally, and...