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fungal infection

  1. stellarosie21

    Possible Fungal Infection

    Hi Everyone, Rosie, my 4 month old pig, has had what the vet and I believed to be a fungal infection. It started on her nose and there were bald/dry/itchy spots behind her ears and inside her two back legs. I was given some topical treatments since she was too small to be treated orally, and...
  2. P

    4 boars falling apart into a trio and a single (and a few other problems)

    So in March I adopted 2 boars which at adorable and they worked together perfectly. Then in august I adopted another 2 boars also a pair. After adjusting to their new home I introduced them to each other which surprisingly worked fine. Though 2 of them had occasional dominance 'performances'...
  3. NightingaleTear

    Fungal infection on my pig's inner thighs/belly?

    I have been watching two spots on my pig, Sundae, for the past 3-4 months. they are located on his inner thighs almost on his belly, and they're symmetrical to each other. They almost look like nipples, but he is a male, not a female, and he hasn't had them there before, so i was able to rule...
  4. W

    Hair loss around eye

    Hi, I noticed a few weeks back that my piggy Nymeria had a watery right eye, she tends to have that some times so I didn't really worry too much though I'd still check to see if she had a URI or something like that every day. Today I picked her up and the skin around her eye had lost a bit of...
  5. M

    Fungal infection from being damp - itchy piggy

    Hi! I thought I'd post here in the hope someone might be able to help. My 3 year year old girl has a bad fungal infection. She's been dipping her chin so much in the water that she's given herself a fungal infection from the skin being wet. I treated her with topical ivectmin and I'm currently...
  6. ChubbyCarrots

    Fungal Stripe? Please Help!

    His nose before His nose after Hey guys, it’s Lily. I recently noticed Coco had a white line on his nose, I took him out of the hutch immediately because I never noticed it. My other guinea pig, Buddy, doesn’t have the same line. I split Coco’s fur in half and to my horror it was a snowstorm...
  7. Shannon R

    Fungal Infection

    Hi guys, My 3 boys have what seems to be a fungal infection, I have treated them for mites/lice three times now with no luck. They have been itchy and losing hair for months now. Only one seems to have a lesion that is on his back but I have heard they don't need a lesion. My vet prescribed...
  8. Jiggy_Sweets

    Strange Lump On Eye With White Crusty Patches

    Our 4 week old Female guinea pig, Minnie, has started to develop this odd white growth on her upper eye lid which is surrounded by white crusty patches. There is discharge that we can see and there’s no smell present. She is still eating just fine and getting along with her guinea buddy, Sally...
  9. MollyB

    Mites Or Fungal Infection?

    Hi all! I've taken Teddy to the vets almost 2 weeks ago as he had fur loss, flaky skin, and was scratching a lot. The vet said it was mites and gave him Xeno 50-mini, which we need to us every 2 weeks 2 more times. However, I've been looking online as he's still been scratching, maybe a little...
  10. W

    White Specks On Fur

    Both of my guinea pigs have very soft fur, it has been so for months. They have no bald spots but do scratch themselves some times. My vet told me that it is normal, especially in the summer. Today I was clipping their nails and noticed that Nymeria had white specks on her fur (shes mostly black...
  11. Piggy996

    Does My Pet Have Fungal Infection?

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here because I'm worried about my guinea pig. He's a couple of months old and recently I've noticed white spots behind his ears, it looks like crusty skin. Do you think this is a fungal infection? I've bathed him just in water a week ago, do you...
  12. Moon-Neko

    Mouth Cheilitis & Skin Sores Treatment

    Hello, I have a question concerning my guinea pig. She is roughly 1 1/2 years old and she has fungal cheilitis on her mouth, and I believe it is also causing scabby sores around her eyes and nose area. I read that it is easily treatable with a mild antiseptic, and that is what I have tried...
  13. Bethers

    Piggie Fungal Infection

    Hi, I hope someone can advice and reassure me. I'm new to guinea pigs, I have two little boys. Yesterday I noticed around Dexters eyes he had lost some hair and it looked sore i asked a couple of people and they said it's a fungal infection, I can't afford to take both the piggies to the...
  14. H

    How To Differentiate Mite Infection And Fungal Infection?

    Hi all, one of our Guinea pigs has a small lump and a small bald patch on her left ear. We also find a large bald red patch behind her left ear. Is this a sign of fungal or mite infection? Or is it something else?
  15. Celine298

    Skin Problems

    Hey all, I was reading through some of your post and saw that Texels are prone to fungal infections, would Abyssinians be prone as well? When I picked my little guy up from the pet shop, he had a bite mark just over his left ear. The lady in the shop said the other pigs had bullied him because...
  16. Brad

    Fungal Shampoo

    Hi all Don't know if anyone has used this before but I would recommend it if you ever have issues with fungal problems, also I have found out the vets around by me use it in their clinics and other clinics they have worked in. It's called ANIGENE which is an Anti-Fungal animal shampoo which...
  17. crnyng

    Fungal Infection Shampoo Search; Usa

    Hi, I'm on a search for safe fungal infection shampoos for young pigs in the United States. Specifically Wisconsin if that makes a difference. I have a probably 4 month girl and shortly after getting her I realized her ear was infected. I picked up a cream to treat it while I waited to get into...
  18. crnyng

    New Baby Pig W/ Flaky Red Ear; Suggestions?

    New here so not quite sure how all this works. Anyhow though, about a week ago I picked up two new little girls and one had an URI which I am giving medicine but the other I recently found has a flaky ear. It looks like it either got nibbled a little or she scratched it too hard as well because...
  19. buttonlove

    Fungal Infection & Fleece Tips?

    So, it's been almost two months now since my girls first showed signs of their fungal infection. All three have had it at one stage, Daphne (the youngest) fortunately seems clear of it. Clara & Arabella with topical medication twice daily have seemed to be improving until a couple of weeks ago...