1. C

    Girl or boy?

    Hi! I've had two brothers for a few months now, around 3 months and we believed they were two boys but recently one hasn't been developing like the other in the genital area. Can people please reassure me that he's a he?
  2. Kallasia

    Present Ideas For Girls!

    Hello all :) When looking for a present for my younger cousin, I came across this book and thought it's fantastic so I simply had to share it! Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls | Guardian Bookshop It's fairy tales about independent and inspirational women, rather than princesses in need...
  3. C

    I Need Help!

    So i have two boy pigs and for some crazy reason I wanted to breed, so I got a girl. Upon meeting my boys went hump crazy and wouldn't leave her alone. I have two cages so I separated them to give her a break so this is where the problem is now my boys are fighting and they've never done that...
  4. Cherrychops100

    Bonding A Sow With A Pair?

    Hi there, I have 2 bonded sows already who are about 10 weeks old (not exactly sure) they're still small 400g. And I've just rescued another baby sow who is about 8 weeks old (300 g) how do I go about bonding them? Any help would be appreciated so much Have a good weekend
  5. AdamFrench

    Bereaved Piggy Losing Weight

    Hi, We lost one of your sows on Tuesday and the remaining one hasn't responded very well. She was already in for a scan which highlighted a thickened uterus wall the day after we lost Teri. She never saw Teris body as she was PTS at the vets. She was ok for the first couple of days and now...
  6. Octavius :3

    I'm Back ☺️

    I haven't been on this forum at all for a while considering my first piggy octavius sadly died about a year ago Although I miss octavius dearly I have a new piggy, a ten week old girl, I'm not quite sure on the name yet (any suggestions?) anyway hello again I'm so happy to be back on here ❤️...