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  1. PiggiesAndPaws

    Over the Rainbow Bridge

    Goodnight my Piggy Piggy, Buds bug, Booday, Gorilla. I love you Buddy.🌟🖤
  2. PiggiesAndPaws

    Dealing with loss?

    I don’t think I’ve cried as much as I have after losing my baby. His final few minutes with me were spent snuggling with me listening to ‘Somewhere only we know’. When he passed away I didn’t cry. I was just completely numb. The second I closed my bedroom door I just collapsed and started...
  3. A

    Bubbles❤ 18th of August 2018❤

    Goodbye lil bubbles❤ me and your brother Thomas miss and love you loads ❤ have fun over the rainbow bridge lil guy ❤
  4. Dion

    R.i.p Cicko :(

    So my 6 year old guinea pig died yesterday from heat stroke R.I.P cicko I am angry because 2 months ago he got 2 lumps under his neck and I visited all vets before the final one that helped us all others where saying he is dead he needs to be euthanized but no we got medicine and we syringe feed...