1. S

    When can I start handling my new guinea pigs?

    Hello! I recently got two new guinea pigs, and they are long haired. I’ve had them for almost a week and think it’s really due time for brushing them. But I do not know if I should wait some more until I start handling them? thanks
  2. Isla&Steve

    Screaming when apart

    Hello, so I don’t know if screaming would be the right word, but basically after the brushing failure yesterday I thought it might be a good idea to give Kuzco a little bum trim just to avoid matting as he’s a very fluffy boy, so after lap time we put Kronk back in the cage so that Steve could...
  3. Sherman and Shaggy's Mom

    When is it time to clean the "pocket"

    So I have two boars about 6-8 months old and I wanted to know when should I start cleaning their pocket and peen. I saw some videos on the how, but I didn't get a good idea on the when. I know you should check at least once a month, or once every two months, but I don't know the rest.
  4. Soggyeggroll

    Adopted a guinea pig yesterday with gnarly nails! Help please

    Hi everyone, so I adopted this boy yesterday and noticed his nails were really long. Today he was comfortable enough for me to actually exam them... I'm beyond shocked. Not only are they long with quicks the length their nails should be but one on the front seems to be blown up, the two next to...
  5. wheek!guinea

    Grooming Wipes, Nail Trims.

    Are these safe for guinea pigs, or just in general? I couldn't find any reviews or information online regarding other peoples experience with guinea pigs. Also how often would you use grooming wipes? I noticed my guinea pig has dirty paws and yellow stains on his face, but thought a luke-warm...
  6. T

    Grooming Fest!

    Hi Hi! We have 7 pigs. 6 girls and 1 recently adopted boy, right now he is kept away from the girls as he wraps up his 6 week post neutered wait. I have done small lap intro's to the girls and boy is he really rowdy lol. Anyways, over the weekend I wanted to give them floor time as I felt bad...
  7. PrincessPig

    My Guinea won’t let me groom him, help!

    Hi everyone, So my guinea pig, ted, is a long haired, and needs grooming regularly but he HATES it. I’ve tried all the tricks, such as favourite foods and letting him chill as I do it, he’s ok with me brushing the top of him but when it comes to brushing his belly he flips out. He’ll bite me...
  8. jerico

    Stubby toe... Pig refuses to let me cut his nails again...

    Some time last month, Pablo broke off his nail while he jumped out. This was before I got him his new C&C cage, so the entire nail came up in one go. It was bleeding a lot but it was fine after I washed it off. That day he let me cut his nails, except for the paw that had it's nail ripped off...
  9. Lil&Widge

    My Sow's Grooming Needs are Hurting our Relationship

    We've owned our coronet/american cross sow since she was just a pup, she is now almost three. She gets plenty of socialization and for the first part of her life, happy purrs during lap time, and wheeks when she heard us come home were a regular thing. But her long hair requires a lot more...
  10. Isabela

    Cuddling Time - Stretching, Yawning And Grooming

    When I cuddle my piggies they are usually calm and lay down and enjoy the petting. They are also very vocal and are talking to me all the time. Todays one was stretching and yawning while being cuddled. She's usually shy. So this surprised me. The other one was also being cuddled after that and...
  11. natalieskeene

    Piggi With Long Hair

    My piggie has long hair especially around her butt and it has started to become matted. She loves to be stroked but hates being picked up and because of this I’m struggling to be able to cut it off! Does anyone have any tips for nervous pigs?!
  12. M

    Matted Fur On Bottom

    Hi, One of my girls is extremely prone to matted fur around her bottom. She ends up with sticky fur on her back legs and hard fur around her bum. I spot clean 2x a day and fully clean them out every 2-3 days so their homes are very clean. She's a short haired guinea and I keep her hair as short...
  13. Lsharples

    Swiss Guinea Pig Care

    Hey! I'm getting two young Swiss Guinea Pigs at the end of the week and I've never owned a long hair Piggie before, obviously they aren't as long haired as say a Peruvian but just a question to those who have Swiss Piggies, what do you recommend as for grooming for them? Just basic daily...
  14. Jennybug89

    My Babies

    Little Rosie and Rachel had a groom while I was cleaning out their cages today. Oh they melt my heart.
  15. TheLottiediarys

    Baby's Getting A Hair Cut And Cuddles! !

    Even though she's not really long haired I've just given baby a haircut! Baby seems to be struggling to groom herself lately She's not been looking her normal shiny, healthy self. She injured her foot a while ago so maybe that's why she's been grooming less, But she's had a hair cut, a brush...
  16. J

    Grooming Long Hair - Tips And Tricks

    Hi! I recently adopted a sweet little lady piggy who has very long hair. She's only four months old (according to previous owner) but her bum hair was long enough to drag behind her like a little train! (I trimmed it so it doesn't drag). I'm wondering, for her comfort during gooming and also for...
  17. bumbling-bambi

    Best Brushes For My Bushy Boars!

    Hi everyone I'm in need of a little advice - I have two very long haired boys (one is a Silkie and the other a Texel) they are both bathed once a month as they both get a little bit smelly thanks to all that hair! They are also brushed daily to try and avoid mattes! My texel in particular is...
  18. Izzidavies

    Ringworm Spray And Grooming

    Hi! One of my Guinea pigs has ringworm on her ear and I have bought some ringworm spray to get rid of this but I am a bit concerned about putting it on because I have often seen them grooming each other's ears and I don't know if it will be harmful if it gets in their mouths. Should I use it...
  19. Piggiekisses

    Human Products For Piggies?

    Hi there, I've heard that there are some human products that are safe on piggies, and I wanted to know which ones they are and what it's used for. I am starting a first aid kit for my piggy and am wondering what kind of creams or ointments are safe for a skinny pig, in case of a scratch or...
  20. Amyscoobybarnie

    Help! Do My Piggies Get On And Can You Explain The Strange Behaviour

    Hi, Havent posted for a while. I have had scooby and Barnie for 1 year 4 months. I cant work out who is the dominant one. Scooby often shows the signs by mounting Barnie and rubble stutting around him but when food (veggies) is involved Barnie will take food off Scooby or if I put my hand...