guine pig

  1. seikami_kieruma

    Piggy looks like shes throwing up...

    It's to late rn to take her into the vet.. (My family is all sleeping) I'm playing my game and look over at my Piggy Lizzy (she has ring worm rn but it's clearing up) and she looked like she was trying to throw up... Idk should I take her to the vet tomorrow morning..? (i probably will either...
  2. F

    Guinea Pigs Eye

    Hello All :) I’m hoping someone may be able to help me a little with one of my male Guinea pigs. I have noticed one of his eyes has become very weepy over the last week or so but seemed tocome and go with no other problems. Today however I’ve noticed that it’s become a lot worse and the...
  3. dabel101

    Sow Mounting

    Hello, i have three sow guinea pigs, two 9 month olds and a 5 month old. I have had the two 9 month old sows for almost seven months now. I had to re-bond them as i was given a pregnant sow, Doris, at first and she was separated when having her babies. The bonding went well overall, they are...
  4. M

    Lost Guinea pig!

    Hello, I have lost my guinea pig named Chai earlier this morning (three-two hours ago). I have two (Chai and Mocha) both female. Chai is quick, shy, and not very social. I was walking home from the park and when I got close to a row of huge and thick bushes, she jumped into one very quickly. I...
  5. B

    Looks like Mammary tumor. How do I deal with this?

    This is my female guinea pig (4 yrs old) who is behaving healthy and seems fine but I noticed what looks like a mammary gland tumor. I live in India in a city where hardly any vet deals with Guinea pigs. I am planning to travel about 400 miles just to get a surgery. I'd like to know a few...
  6. B

    Rumble-strutting or —?

    Hi! I am a New Guinea pig owner so forgive me if I seem a bit clueless! I got two boars back in December, two siblings who just turned 3 months old. They do quite a bit of rumble-strutting, which I understand is a boundary setting/dominance display. They've never reared/lunged/nipped/hissed or...
  7. dabel101

    Nail sideways

    Hi! I just notices today that one of my piggies (7 months old) has nail growing slightly to the side, not excessive id say ab 5/10 degrees to the side. Its on the middle toe. The nail, toe and foot itself look perfectly healthy. Should i be concerned? x
  8. Laurenmay

    Dental Big lump on the bottom of my piggies mouth!

    Hi, I could really do with some advice please. I have a 5 year old male pig called Bennie, in the last 4/5 days his bottom teeth seemed to separate, I kept an eye on it and he had no further problems, continued eating and drinking. This morning when I went to top up their hay I noticed he had...
  9. D

    Help- white scab on ear?

    Hello! First post. So my brother got a guinea pig for his birthday, (it was an impulse buy from my mom and he does not have the right set up, trying to convince her to get a bigger cage, but that’s besides the point-) and today I noticed he has a whitish patch of crust on the top of his ear and...
  10. kyra01

    2 guinea pigs

    My boyfriend and I bought a guinea pig a couple weeks ago. We decided to get him a new friend today. Tupac is the one we had for a couple of weeks and is 1 and Biggie, the one we got today, is a little younger. They were introduced and Tupac immediately starting mounting him. We eventually put...
  11. Stella&Twist

    My Guinea Pig had a stroke please help me with questions :(

    My baby Stella couldn’t walk Tuesday when I woke up she seemed kind of disoriented and was walking slowly in circles and had a head tilt, figured maybe it was an ear infection so I was gonna take her to the vet Friday.. well that wasn’t the case at all she started getting bad throu out the night...
  12. K

    Sneezes or puffs of air?

    Hey everyone, i just got a 5 month old guinea pig and she usually sneezes (?) but it’s not really a sneeze. She puffs air out of her nose every time I’m around her although I don’t usually hear it when she’s in her cage. I’ve also heard her sneeze before which sounds louder and is more...
  13. S


    Hi everyone. I'm new to this. But hi I'm sophie I have 2 guinea pigs, shadow is a grey and white and gizmo is ginger and white. Shadow recently looked like he had lice so I treated it with ' spot on '. I checked today and it seems the lice have gone but now he has a medium sized scab on his...
  14. Hnrpiggies

    Is this the right amount of veggies per pig? Also, do pregnant guineas need extra?

    sooo I made a post in another category because it was about housing and someone pointed out that I was feeding them the wrong amount of veggies (there was loads of kale and spinach- too much calcium) so I read the link and changed up their daily veggies a bit. Is this right? I have each pig: 2...
  15. V

    Guinea pig skin irritation?!

    Hi there, one of my guinea pigs developed this around her eye, and now she’s also opened it up so it’s been bleeding a bit. An appointment to the vet has already been made and we will be seeing one tomorrow, however I was just worried and wanted to see if anyone encountered this before... thank...
  16. Y

    Choose food

    Hay everyone, Hello everyone, I got two 2-month-old guinea pigs. I have two types of food: What to feed them? Thanks
  17. ?

    how many guinea pigs can you get from pets at home?

    hi, i want to buy three female guinea pigs and i’m going to go to pets at home ( only because there are no adoption shelters near me at all) i was wandering if they had a two pet limit or if anyone has managed to buy three girls there before? thanks :)
  18. carmenargueta

    i don’t know what happened to my guinea

    hey guys, so i recently went on a 9 day trip with my family. i left my two female guinea pigs with my boyfriend and i constantly checked in on them. he sent me pics of them throughout the days because i missed them so much. they were fine for the first 7 days. the other day my boyfriend texted...
  19. T

    Question about Bloating Medication

    Hello All, We took Chai to an emergency care center as I suspected she had a case of bloating. They gave her injections of Reglan (Metoclopromide) and buprenorphine. They told us they did not have the oral version of Reglan and to consult with our vet for a prescription. I have been reading the...
  20. C

    What size of cage/house does your guineas have?

    So I have 2 boys ( 4 years old ) and I was in another forum to which people said i need to switch to c&c I do love the style of them however it wouldn't work for me right now, they're currently in a 180x60 wooden style cage and of course they get floor time everyday they're happy boys and i felt...