guinea behaviour

  1. thepiggies

    Hostile boar

    Hello, my herd of four has been introduced for about a month now, and they had been fine. I have my guinea pigs in my bedroom so this morning I woke up to very loud squeaking, some squeaks shrill. I got up to check on them and Bunny - the (neutered) boar and leader - was chasing my three girls...
  2. B

    New guinea pigs taming, 3 girls.

    Hey! I’ve just joined this forum so please bear with me. I’ve recently adopted 3 little sows; they’re beautiful and the most beautiful nature but they are extremely shy [for reference they are all roughly 8 weeks old]. Whenever anyone walks into the room with their cage, they immediately hide...
  3. F

    Possible Ringworm In New Piggie

    Hi everyone! So yesterday in our boy piggie (Approx 11 weeks old) I noticed a bald flaky looking patch at the bottom of his back. Called the shop we got him from to ask what we needed to do etcetc. I've ordered the spot on stuff he's suggested for if it isn't ringworm but honestly from...
  4. M

    Why did my guinea pig die?

    My guinea pig was young and active one day but the next day I saw her sitting in her cage not moving but heart beating heavily. She didn’t even move when I got the hay out which usually gets her excited to be fed.. We tried taking her to a vet but there was only one exotic pet vet close by and...
  5. kaarhinoarlo

    my boys wont drink water

    hi! I'm new to this forum but i love reading this every now and then. so, i got my boys a few days ago, they are 8 weeks old and still very very shy. they are on timothy hay, oxbow young guinea pig pellets and lots of fresh veggies. they have 2 water bottles in their cage for 3 boys. i’ve...
  6. M

    My guinea pig jumped off my lap from about a less than a foot off the ground. Help!

    So my guinea pig is a female, she’s about exactly a year old. Yesterday she was on my lap and we were sitting together when she suddenly leaped off my lap and fell onto the floor. I’m not sure exactly how she landed, but i’m afraid she maybe got shocked or scared. She’s eating perfectly fine...
  7. B

    staring into corner

    hi ! so recently my guinea pig has been staring at the corner and he sleeps a lot, but he does act pretty normal. he eats, plays regularly, drinks, poops normal, everything. i didnt get him when he was a baby but he wasnt a full grown adult either. hes the first guinea pig i have ever owned and...
  8. S

    Found out after a year I have a boar and a sow rather than two sow's. How come they haven't mated?

    Hi, my situation is abit tricky, I haven't been able to find Info on this anywhere. Today, after a year of owning my two pigs I've noticed that my sow is actually a boar. I've had this verified by someone more experienced than me, but i find it strange that they haven't mated by now. I'm...
  9. C

    3 Male guinea pigs bonding problem

    I recently got two male guinea pigs for my senior guinea pig, whose cage mate died in March. Right away during the bonding time, my senior guinea pig (Coco) started humping and nibbling the other guinea pigs. Since nothing out of ordinary was going on, I continued with the bonding process and...
  10. edgarallanpaw

    adding a second guinea pig?

    so about seven months ago i was looking for my first guinea pig pet and my local store explained that they’d recently had three guineas brought in who had had to be separated. they’d been there for a few days-a week alone, and only one was ready to be adopted. so i took him home and he seems to...
  11. K

    Advice needed on introducing guinea pigs

    Hey everyone! I am new to owning guinea pigs but I am already in love! I have a baby who is about 3 months old and she came with an eye infection so I wanted to get her a friend after I had finished the medicine process. I finally finished a couple days ago and she seems to be doing well. I...
  12. LauMelissa

    Guinea Pigs Fighting

    Hey! I desperately seeking advice. My two boys guineas are not getting along. One is clearly the dominant one, the other being submissive. However the dominant one will not stop chasing and trying to mount the other. Chatters his teeth at him. Then squeaks angrily too. I have to keep...
  13. C

    New Guinea pig not nice to others

    Hi I have 7 guinea pigs one of my guinea pigs can’t be near a guinea pig as he just attacks them does anyone know of a animal behaviourist that does guinea pigs