guinea pig alone

  1. Happyman247

    Sleeping arrangements.

    Hello, I have 3 pigs (recently lost 1) I used to have 2 pairs- boy/girl and girl/girl that lived very happily together but separate in their pairs. However now that one of the girls as died we have been trying to introduce the nutered boy to the other pair. At first it was going well as they...
  2. P

    Bonding three piggies

    Hi we've had a bit of a traumatic week and gone from 3 piggies to 1 piggie (unrelated issues), my piggy seems to be ok for now (eating well and quite active). I'm very apprehensive about getting another piggy but I can't bare ours to be alone. Our local (fantastic) piggy sanctuary doesn't have...
  3. C

    Aggressive Guinea Pig

    Hello All, I had two guinea pigs and I had to surrender one due to personal issues. Ruby and Coco lived in the same cage until there was ALOT of fighting and blood was drawn so I separated the girls at night and then brought them together during the day. I couldn’t trust them together and I...
  4. Amylouiseg1990

    Lone piggie after passing of other piggie

    Unfortuntely today I lost my eldest piggie, he had seemed to grow really ill from what I suspected what pneumonia today was the day of his tests at the vets but he didn't make it :( I'm heart broken and don't think I could be strong enough to get a new cage mate for my other piggie. The...
  5. M

    Should i introduce a know 'aggressive' piggie to the group

    Hi, So my little brother really wants a Guinea pig. Since i was already planning to get a third guinea pig i agreed to let him own my third one. All good right? Later when we went to buy some hay from the pet shop this plan was completely ruined when he fell in love with a little black piggie in...
  6. deeannedaniels

    Lonely guinea pig

    Hi everyone. This morning my guinea pig Fudge passed away very suddenly. There were no signs that he was ill, as most prey animals do not exhibit signs. Fudge left behind my other guinea pig, Nibbles. I would like to know how long can Nibbles be alone as I am only able to get another rescue on...
  7. A

    I Am Desperately Looking For A Spayed Female Piggy

    I live in Georgia.I have a 1 year old male piggy.I have been looking for a partner for him.I CANT FIND ONE ANYWHERE!Any advise or links to adoptable piggies?
  8. J

    I Have Just Found One Of My Guinea Pigs Dead :(

    Hello I am new here but I had two Guinea pigs... Ozzy & Lemmy unfortunately today I found Lemmy dead! The strangest thing is he had no hands or feet! Completely gone! And parts of his face was missing too! So upsetting! And I havnt had these pair long Any ideas what could have happened? Is it...
  9. bellajessica

    Adopted A 2 Year Old Guinea

    Hello, First time guinea pig owner and adopted a 2 year old guinea pig and i have a few problems. The guinea pig is very fat, the woman who I adopted him from told me that she just fed him all the time and kept him either in the cage or on her knee so he hasn't had much chance to run about. The...