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guinea pig care

  1. bambiandzinnia

    Should I rehome my guinea pigs?

    I have two female guinea pigs both around 1 years old now, I've had them since they were 2 months, I'm starting to struggle with finance issues, and my mental health is beginning to cause some issues, cleaning the cage and interacting with them enough is becoming difficult, they are very timid...
  2. J

    Help. My guinea pig is grieving and has G.I. Stasis!

    What’s happening to my guinea pig? My guinea pig Chester is usually a very energetic and healthy guinea pig, but ever since his cage mate passed a few days ago he has been lethargic and depressed. He stopped eating and pooping so we brought him to the emergency vet and they said he has the...
  3. T

    Crital care formula Vetark. Am i using it correctly?

    I had my boy neutered today and since he has been home he hasnt eaten a thing. He has had his pain medication that the vet instructed to give. I have critical care formula vetark its in a powder form. It says 1 scoop (5ml) for 250g of animal with 3 - 4 scoops of water. My boy is 800g so do i...
  4. elris

    alternatives to cat litter

    we bought cat litter for our pigs without any research ch on how bad it is for them. can anyone offer some alternatives to soak up guinea pig pee.
  5. M

    is this cage big enough

    i have 2 male pigs is this cage big enough for the 2 of them,one of them is only a baby still? Google Shopping – Product not found
  6. oofitsnaomi

    New Guinea Pigs Not Drinking

    Hi! I recently adopted two guinea pigs, Finn and Parker. Finn is cream and white, Parker is black, white and cream. Here is them in their travel cage when we were preparing to take them home! They're three months old. I put them in their cage. They won't come out of their little hut so I put...
  7. rinlalin

    Is My Pen OK?

    hello all! i just wanted to know if my cage looked alright, it's 8 sq ft and it doesn't have a lot going on yet, BUT, it looks nice to me. i just wanted some input. as you can see i have a bunch of hay on the floor on one side, a toy and wooden chews in the middle and a hide, food bowl and...
  8. frodoandsam

    Is my daily routine and care okay?

    Hello! I was wondering if my daily routine and guinea pig care is good? I have two boys, Sam and Frodo. In the morning when I wake up I give them a handful of pellets(oxbow, adult guinea pig food. they are 6-8 months old) and prepare a yogurt bucket of chop, the chop includes(If I have it)...
  9. UhreGuineas

    What Flowers Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

    Over the summer i plan in making a little garden for the piggies and was wondering what some good options are. I was thinking about marigolds, nasturtiums, and teddy bear sunflowers. If there is possibly more I could add to their garden, or if i should not get them one of the 3 i planned on...
  10. ToriiBugg

    Obsessed With Lettuce ?!

    My 2 month old Finn has taken a huge liking to romaine lettuce. I give him a good bit but when he finishes it he looks around for more! He even nudges my fingers and basically loves on me probably hoping he'd get more. If I don't give him more he seriously squeals at me. He eats his pellets and...
  11. leahp1803

    I Need Some Advice

    ive got a poorly piggie called rudi, since he's been ill he has become a lot more tame, I feel like he's bonded with me because I've been syringe feeding him now for nearly a week, he runs up to me, he sits in my hand, he will sit in my jacket pocket whilst I walk around the house, I feel like...
  12. Stayc1989

    White Patch On Eyes

    Hi has anyone seen these white patches on a guinea pigs eye before, I have taken him to the vets and they said they are not sure what it is. I am abit worried as my frankie now has it on the other eye now Aswell can anyone help please
  13. Fizzywoz

    Guinea Pig Survey For University

    Hello my name is Sarah and i'm a university student in the UK. It would be fantastic if any of you could quickly do a quick 10 question survey. It will help me get my degree in Applied Animal Studies. The survey is about guinea pig welfare. Follow the link below and if you have any questions...