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guinea pig loss

  1. P

    How Can I Make Sure My single Pig gets Enough Attention

    Hi. This is my first post on the forum (though I’ve tried posting the same thing on a different forum, but it got archived in less than a day and my question still wasn't answered. I'm hopeful that this one might be a bit more professional) A few days ago, Piper, one of my two pigs, passed...
  2. PiggiesAndPaws

    Dealing with loss?

    I don’t think I’ve cried as much as I have after losing my baby. His final few minutes with me were spent snuggling with me listening to ‘Somewhere only we know’. When he passed away I didn’t cry. I was just completely numb. The second I closed my bedroom door I just collapsed and started...
  3. angelalockhart

    Lonely Guinea Pig

    Hi :) A little backstory first... Last year I adopted 2 baby guinea pigs, unfortunately several months later one of them passed away and we were left with 1. So we bought another guinea pig to keep him company. Just as of yesterday, the 2nd guinea pig that we bought passed away suddenly and now...
  4. GrandmaGuinea

    Sudden Loss Of Baby Guinea...need Advice Please

    NOTE: Apologies for the length of this message. We sincerely thank you in advance for taking the time to read. As of last week we became the proud grandparents of two baby pigggies (both female, 3 months old) that we bought for my daughter for her birthday. She was so happy and excited to be...
  5. K

    A Moody Lil Oliver

    Hello, so about 2 weeks ago, my female guinea pig Melanie passed away, due to unknown causes and since then my other male guinea pig, Oliver has been going though a bunch of changes. He has a bunch if mood swings. At times you know, he’ll be fine, happy, popcorning, squeaky, happily running...