A Moody Lil Oliver


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Dec 9, 2017
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Hello, so about 2 weeks ago, my female guinea pig Melanie passed away, due to unknown causes and since then my other male guinea pig, Oliver has been going though a bunch of changes.

He has a bunch if mood swings. At times you know, he’ll be fine, happy, popcorning, squeaky, happily running around the cage then other times he’s very distant and sad sometimes even, agressive. And since the death of Melanie it has gotten worse, he’s less happy and squeaky as usual. He just kind of stands around in different spots. Sometimes where we found Melanie, sometimes in his den and others just next to the food bowl. He’s eating and drinking fine just behaviourally changed. I spend time talking to him and when he gets sick of me and goes into his den again I leave him alone. I pat him alot (he doesnt really enjoy cuddles), been giving him some veggies before bed (mostly carrots), though I’ve stopped letting him out of the cage, since he doesn’t seem like he wants to play most of the time.

In case this is relevant, we got him around July, then he was about 1 month old and he’s a texel guinea pig. He was actually the more friendly of the two but now he’s just very depressed most of the time. Melanie was about 5 years old and did fine on her own for those 5 years alone, she was quite a happy guinea pig and her and Oliver were very happy together (by the way Oliver is unable to mate). I thought of maybe giving him away, which is what I think is best for him, though I really don’t want to (obviously) all I really want to know is how I can help him and if there’s any other way to make him happy again, or any alternatives, I couldn’t bare getting another guinea pig in fear of another loss. I’m just really, really worried about him. :-/

I’m fairly new at being an guinea pig owner, I’ve only ever had 2 so any advice would help honestly.

Thank You So Much


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Nov 9, 2017
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Idaho, US
To me it sounds like Oliver is mourning the lose of a friend. The morning process is a strange thing. Its not constant remembrance (so that explains the bursts of happiness) but he can be picking up scents of his friend which he knows isn't there. I think you should clean the cage completely with hot soapy water out so no remaining scents can be found. My theory on him with his aggression is maybe because hes alone and misses his friend...

Is he paired up with any other pig right now? My suggestion is for him to be paired up right now; him being a single pig could make things worse because of the fact that pigs are group animals you know?

So sorry for your loss.

Janice C

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May 14, 2017
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Scottish Borders
Firstly, sorry that you have lost your little girl piggy.
I’m sure it would settle Oliver down again if you get him a friend.
You say he can’t mate
. Do you mean that he is neutered? If he is you could check out any reputable rescue centres if you have any near you and they could help bond him with another guinea pig. We all need company of our own kind, don’t we? He’s very young to have to spend all his time alone. If you really can’t face having another piggy it would be best to rehome him. Either way, don’t feel guilty as you will be doing what’s best for Oliver. Xx