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  1. Gemm24

    Woke up this morning to petrified pig!

    Please help! I woke up this morning to give my pigs some breakfast veggies and went into their room. Tiger (female/3.5 years) usually is the first to rush to breakfast. She just sat in the hay frozen. There is hay kicked out of the cage too. Everytime I go near her she panics and runs. She is...
  2. G

    Small fights

    Okay so, Saturday I got these two adorable male teddy guinea pigs (2 months old) my friend named them Gandolf and Bartelby. They're not that scared of me: they take food/treats off my hand and dare to come out when I'm in the room. The problem is, Bartelby is the shyer one and doesn't come...
  3. G


    I dont know what to do! My sweet baby has these spots on him and theyre getting worse! I cant afford a vet, I need some home remedy help, please.
  4. A

    My Guinea Pig at a Potato!

    HELP! I don't know how but my guinea pig ate a few bites of a potato and I don't know if that's really bad or just minor. What should I do to make sure she doesn't get sick?
  5. C

    Dark coloured urine

    I just took my piggies out their cage and put them in the pen so I could clean it out and one of them seems to be peeing a brownish coloured pee. What should I do? Is it anything to worry about? It also seems to be all over their tunnel.
  6. H

    Help. Neutering guinea pig

    My friend just got some guinea pigs from pets at home, but they were supposed to sell them as both females, turns out one of them is male. Do pets at home take responsibility for this and do they have to pay for the neutering?
  7. Nbw_835

    Injured toe.

    I accidentally cut one of my pigs claws too short.. She jerked as I clipped and I think it took off a part of her toe. It bled so much but I rushed to the bathroom and clotted the blood with cornstarch. I feel terrible and physically sick that I did that to her... How do I make her feel better...
  8. M

    2 Girls Fighting

    Hi Everyone I have just joined. I have 2 female guinea pigs, they are only 8-12 weeks old and we have had them for nearly two weeks. They have a two tier hutch, with toys, varied diet etc and come out for floor time every evening for a couple of hours. Tonight however the slightly larger one...
  9. Jesse's pigs

    Help- Freaking Out!

    Just returned home to find both piggies fine but the poos (I suspect coming from Mo though most of them are like it so could also be Steve) almost purple? They haven't had beetroot but did have a mixed salad the smorning of red lettuce and normal lettuce leaves- it's not red? And there's a...
  10. K

    C And C Cage Connectors

    I picked myself up a second hand 2x5 + 1x2 loft for £20! After a lovely wash it’s looking great. But where can I get some more reasonably priced connectors from? I’ve looked on eBay and they were £4.50 for 4.. does anyone have any other suggestions? I’ve seen people taking about using cable...
  11. Gemm24

    Unhealing Wound

    hi My Guinea pig Ruby cut herself on her left back side in April this year and I took her to the vets who said it looked like she has scraped herself on something and not to worry. Since then it has opened a couple of times so I have washed it and monitored her and it hasn't bothered her...
  12. K

    A Moody Lil Oliver

    Hello, so about 2 weeks ago, my female guinea pig Melanie passed away, due to unknown causes and since then my other male guinea pig, Oliver has been going though a bunch of changes. He has a bunch if mood swings. At times you know, he’ll be fine, happy, popcorning, squeaky, happily running...
  13. Beth<3GuineaPig

    Help! Lost My Pig Outside!!

    Hi thanks for clicking on the thread about 10 mins ago i was about to clean out my piggys cadge as i was mocing it in my piggy ran in to the tall grass i have neighbors either side and a woods right behind were he ran i think hes in there so far i have cleaned out his cadge and put it in the...
  14. Atalia

    Health Checks

    I would like to ask for tips and learn some information on health checks! (Poorly enough I was unaware of what it was until a couple weeks ago.) When I bought my pigs from a pet shop (unaware of rescues at the time) they did not tell me anything of their needs and requirements. So I went off of...
  15. Ever

    Is My Guinea Pig Pregnant?

    I got a female guinea pig from my local shelter about 22 days ago. I noticed that she was a bit large compared to my other female rescue guinea pig that I got from somewhere else. I was told that she was between 1 and 2 years old. I don't know much about her history, but I know that there was a...
  16. MJG

    Any Outdoor Runs For Sale On Here?

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has any outside runs (on the large side of possible) for sale on here? Have checked gumtree and there's nothing within reasonable travelling distance And I've looked to buy brand new but I thought I'd see if anyone on here has any before looking other...
  17. lindsayl

    Sos - Vet Is Stumped

    Hi all - My vet doesn't know what is wrong with my Guinea pig. He says he may have a touch of pneumonia and even possibly kidney failure or a respiratory problem. He has lost 200gs in weight. Please help me. I need advice on what to do. I need to do something. He has had antibiotic injection and...
  18. LaurenSeal23

    Teeth And Eating Issues

    I'm really hoping someone can help with this. My little Bentley has been losing weight quickly over the last week or so. I thought it was because we had introduced a new pair of piggies and he was just acting up. Checked his teeth the other day and one was chipped and the other looked way to...
  19. Oreoandtwix

    New Guinea Pig Need Suggestions

    I just got 2 Guinea pigs yesterday, Oreo is 3 year old female and twix is a 7 month old. The lady who gave them to me did not realize that twix was not fixed, she has had them together for 3-4 weeks. I'm concerned about Oreo if she has become pregnant, if she gives birth how much danger will she...
  20. A


    Hello :)) Our family recently bought a new guinea pig for our girl as the male had died. We've had guinea pigs for years and know all about them. The guinea pig we recently bought is clearly unwell, she has goowy substance around her eyes and nose and can't breathe properly. Ive told my mum...