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guinea pigs

  1. rblily

    Guinea Pig isn't scared of anything?

    Hi all, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about this personality trait at all haha! But, ever since I got my trio of Guinea Pigs, a neutered boar (around 3yo) and two sows (around 2yo), the girls have been petrified, hiding constantly, and only have just started to come out of their shell...
  2. B

    guilt :(

    hi everyone! i have two baby piggies from petsmart and i have them in a big cage and i spend atleast an hour of time with them daily— so i do try my hardest to be the best owner for them possible. however my current issue is i honestly got my piggies thinking they had similar habits as rats (my...
  3. B

    rats & guineas?

    Hi all! I’ve gotten settled with my two guinea pigs and recently Ive been thinking of getting a couple of pet rats. Currently my guineas are in a C&C type cage with an open top in my bedroom. I’d have to also keep the rats in my bedroom, as my family won’t allow them anywhere else, but I would...
  4. M

    Question about bonded male pair

    Hello! A few days ago we began fostering a bonded male pair: Jake and John. We have one male of our own and their C&C cages are next to each other separated by a partition so they can interact through the bars. Everything was running smoothly until this morning. Jake has been aggressively...
  5. GeePeeMama

    Chip and Chuck

    Haven't been here much lately, being a guinea pig mama keeps you real busy. Just wanted to share a couple pics of Chip and Chuck, our latest additions to our family. Been about 2 months since we got them and they're adjusting really well. Had lice when we brought them home from the rescue but a...
  6. Adelyn

    @Adelyn's Piggies

    I thought it was time I started a thread for my piggies (Clover and Stella 😍), so here are a few pics: Eating carrot pieces in bed, because when you are a piggie princess why get up? :)) "Hola!" :wub:
  7. Grand Guinea Pigs

    Baulder, Bear & Loki with Photoshop

    Baulder, Bear & Loki from 2017. 😎 Sunglasses and cap were loose! They weren't in discomfort. :)
  8. Grand Guinea Pigs

    Loki, Baulder, Bear, & Thor Pigtures

    Some pictures of these pigs for @Roselina and others! :D RB Loki is the black piggy, Baulder is the carrot stripe piggy, RB Bear is the chocolate coloured piggy, and RB Thor is the Abyssinian (one of the first guinea pigs I had).:wub:
  9. A

    Unknown Illness?

    Hello everyone! I own four female adult guinea pigs, kept in a large enclosure, so they have enough free space. However, I am having issues with two of my guinea pigs and I'm desperate for answers, it is causing a lot of stress for me and others in the household- as well as the pigs too. We...
  10. O

    How noisy are guinea pigs? Are they suitable to be placed in a home office/study?

    Just that really. The only viable place in my home for pets is my home office. I would probably be returning to the office but would work out of my home office sporadically (esp as home working is becoming more common), and I have constant Teams Calls. I currently have a Syrian hamster in my...
  11. Benandbobby192

    Best way to keep guinea pigs fit?

    So I feed my guinea pigs (1yr old boys) guinea pig nuggets, straw, water and vegetabpes like kale, spinach, grapes and cherries. What is the best way to keep them fit so they have a bright future ahead of them?
  12. D

    Pets at Home

    Hello, I am thinking about getting 2 guinea pigs. I DO NOT HAVE A RESCUE CENTRE ANYWHERE NEAR ME Buying 2 guinea pigs from pets at home, do they check the GPs out via their vets? Make sure they are not pregnant and are the sex they say they are etc
  13. S

    Is fear of certain foods normal?

    I have two guinea pigs and I'm starting to realize that my one named Skittle has a fear of certain fruits, specifically cantaloupe and blueberries. Not only will he refuse to eat them, but run away and/or chitter at me when I try to offer them by hand. My other boar(Parrot) doesn't do this so I...
  14. Flapjack.the.piggie...

    This is Flapjack ❤️

    Here are some more pictures of Flapjack - eating veggies, his pouting face, him posing with his new sign i made and one when he managed to wedge himself in a roll af carpet 😂 - don’t worry he didn’t eat any and we lured him out with a pea flake 💖
  15. elris

    ear nibbling

    i just witnessed my younger pig - charlie - nibbling/nudging my older pigs ear. she wasn’t complaining though, she just closed her eyes and allowed it. is this normal between pigs and what does mean?
  16. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Guinea Pigs as Humans!?

    Hello fellow forum members! So I was being creative and whatnot then decided to draw my guinea pigs as humans. When I finished, I had an idea to put it on here! So...here they are! I’m not that good so...they’re not amazing. I would love it if the artistic people (or if you’re not that’s fine...
  17. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    They protecc. They attacc. But most importantly...

    They protecc together. They attacc together. But most importantly...they hide from the big scary me together.
  18. eyepencil

    The boys! <3

    While I've already introduced both boys here back in December, I recently made a video introducing them to other platforms. I think I've decided to do an entire video series on them, so that's kind of exciting news! Here's the first. If you'll wanna see it, here it is. :wub: Vid 1 - Dorian &...
  19. Little Pigs

    Guinea Pig Breeders

    I was a little taken aback after discovering how truly hated breeders are by the vast majority of guinea pig owners. Now yes, I completely 100% agree with the reasons against breeders: yes there are too many in shelters, yes it can be dangerous for the sows and yes, people should not breed with...
  20. Y

    Is Hay Rattle/Yellow Rattle poisonous to guinea pigs?

    Hi all, With it being winter, we're using a lot more hay than usual for our guinea pigs to use as bedding and also to eat as they quite enjoy it. The only problem is that the best hay we can find has tonnes of Hay Rattle/Yellow Rattle seeds in it (literally in every handful of hay) and we're...