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  1. bollie

    guinea pig died

    My guinea pig died yesterday morning and i feel like its my fault, i think he died from an illness,but i didnt notice until it was too late. I feel that if i noticed sooner he would have survived, he was still young only 1 year old. He started moving less and slower whenever i took him out the...
  2. K

    Guinea pig passed suddenly and feeling guilty

    Hi. Sorry that my first post in this forum is a sad one. I adopted 2 guinea pigs in April 2021 who were around 2 years old. Their previous owners had lost interest and were allergic so I was glad to give them a new home, especially as the previous owners said that others who had shown interest...
  3. G

    My guinea pig is ill

    My about 5 month old guinea pig (His name is Spot) has been feeling off for awhile. He would always squeak when I would give him food, but I noticed his eyes started to get discharge and he became silent when I gave him food. Spot still ate, but he wasn’t happy and squeaky like always. That was...
  4. A

    Guinea pig infection and drooling

    Guys my Guinea pig (Mith) has been drooling since three days. I went to the vet and they are giving injections to her and maybe her infection is recovering but she is refusing to eat anything, and even if she wants to eat her mouth isn't opening. What do I do anyone please suggest I'm so...
  5. R

    Guinea pig Urine Colour

    I have 2 guinea pigs. Donatella is about 5 months she is hospitalized because her GI are very swollen her pee color had changed to a very orange/red color so she is being treated. Hours after I come home to Coco my other guinea pig and all of a sudden she starts peeing a different color like...
  6. T

    Bad Poops and Dirty Belly

    Hey, about a month ago I got my first pigs, but I have taken care of many before. My one pig, Teddy, has misshapen or crumbly poops and always has an awfully dirty belly, and appears not to clean himself. Anyone know what may be happening?
  7. P

    My Guinea pig died at 3

    Hi guys. Unfortunately One of my two guinea pigs passed away yesterday but I don’t know why. They have a big cage and I fed them veggies and oxbow hay and food. He was only three years old and just a 2 days before this I fed him veggies and he came up to the front of his cage and ate them like...
  8. Leo_the_lion_74

    Brought Back To Life Need Help

    Ok so I'm leo hi hello! But my guinea pig janet is 1 & 2months. Tonight she had a episode she was lifeless when i saw her and i gave her cpr immediately she recovered but not fully. She wont use her front legs and is still kind of struggling I'm scared to leave her alone ive been awake for 3 hours...
  9. M

    Still Feeling Guilty 4 Months After Guinea Pigs Death

    In the summer I went on a two week holiday with my family at the time we had 2 guinea pigs-Sooty almost 4 and peanut almost 3 when I left they both right as rain squeaking and being there general selves I left with my trust neighbor who has her own guinea pigs who have lived very long lives...